6 Best Resume Writing Services in Louisville, KY

6 Best Resume Writing Services in Louisville, KY

Just because the Kentucky Derby is located right in Louisville, doesn’t mean that you need to be off to the races all alone when it comes to your job search. Finding a great resume writer is a lot like having a good jockey, so naturally you want them on your back.

Check out this list of the top resume writers in Louisville. We hope to help you get a feel on the most experienced professionals that will be able to help you craft an eye-catching resume. Standing out in a field of job applications is a difficult task, but a professional resume can make all the difference.

It’s time to connect with a resume writer who cares. Finding that resume writer and service that is willing to go the extra mile when it comes to your resume is a Herculean task. However, it’s a task that’s worth it.

Take a look at our top 6 list and find the jockey that can lead you to the job search finish line.

Best Louisville Resume Writing Services

If you are in a hurry and don't want to read our detailed reviews below, here is a list of the Best Resume Writing Services in Louisville:

  • Find My Profession
  • Careers2000
  • Melodie Power
  • John Hancock Resumes
  • CorpEx Intl
  • Career Compass Global

And now for the detailed reviews...


1. Find My Profession

Find My Profession Resume Services Louisville

Find My Profession is not just a top-notch resume service available in Louisville. We are a global company headquartered in the US on a mission to master effective, ATS compatible resumes that convert into offers.

A major perk of Find My Profession is that we are not a one-person shop.

Collectively, our team of elite resume writers has experience in 85+ unique industries/professions. This allows us to assign you a professional writer (in the United States) based on your unique background and experience.

We are also not a resume factory. We will never use “ghostwriters”. You will have your resume writer’s name, email, and phone number for direct communication.

With 100+ 5-star reviews and a 60-day interview guarantee that speaks for itself, you can sleep easy knowing that your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Pros: Find My Profession commits to working with each client until they are completely satisfied. Don’t worry about having a limited number of edits, or a set amount of time with your writer.

\Cons: Find My Profession is a virtual/online company. While we provide services in your city, we don’t have a physical office. Also, with a focus on more senior positions, our entry-level resume service may be a bit pricey for recent graduates.

Turnaround: 3-5 business days. Can expedite to 2 business days.

Cost: $395-$895

Phone: (831) 888-0967

Check out some of our 5-star reviews.



2. Careers2000

6 Best Resume Writing Services in Louisville, KY

Careers2000 has been in business since 1993. During that time they have written over 10,000 resumes for job seekers. Sam Shah, the founder of Careers2000, says himself that he creates, elevates, and advances his clients’ careers. Careers2000 also has an on-site photo studio where you can get your headshot taken for your Linkedin profile. This is a unique service, since it’s rare to find a resume writing service in Louisville where you can get your resume revamped as well as a headshot at the same time.

Pros: Careers2000 offers a 60-day guarantee. If you are not happy with your resume, Careers2000 will completely rewrite it for free. Additionally, if you decide to work with Careers2000 you will receive 30 minutes of interview coaching along with your order –– for free!

Cons: Careers2000 has a rather large range of turnaround times for their services, depending on which level of service you order. Sam employs a team of Certified Resume Writers, so you never know whether or not you will like the writer’s writing style.

Turnaround: 48 hours to 7 days.

Cost: $145 - $475+

Phone: (502) 214-4000


3. Melodie Power

6 Best Resume Writing Services in Louisville, KY

Melodie Power can not only write your resume, she can also coach you through your interview (once you land one). Right on the website, you can check out Melodie’s top 10 tips for both resumes and interviews. Melodie Power also gives presentations and workshops to groups of up to 150 people about various topics. In addition to Louisville resume, Melodie offers career coaching. Coaching is right up Melodie’s alley, as she has coached teams and sales professionals to the top of their game.

Pros: Melodie Power has a ton of real-world experience to help guide your resume to the place it needs to be. She offers one-on-one meetings with every single service she offers, so if you want a direct relationship with your resume writer, she’s a great choice. One of the additional services she offers is interview role-playing, which can be a useful tool that you can take advantage of.

Cons: Melodie Power’s main focus is not necessarily resume writing. You may want to use a resume service that focuses almost exclusively on resume writing. Depending on your seniority level you can easily spend over $1,000 on all of her services.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: $285 - $650+

Phone: (502) 245-1733


4. John Hancock Resumes

6 Best Resume Writing Services in Louisville, KY

John Hancock Resumes works on all things writing-related when it comes to job searching. Since 2003, Wesley Pearce has been creating resumes for professionals in the Louisville area. They have three offices located in Louisville, Lexington, and Cincinnati. Wesley brings over 15 years of experience to the table, having been crafting resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles for clients for over a decade.

Pros: John Hancock Resumes has a fantastic turnaround time that is consistent and reliable at every single level of service that they offer. They have a lot of great 5-star reviews for all of their different office locations. That speaks volumes about the constant quality of their resumes.

Cons: John Hancock Resumes doesn’t have an upper limit on how much their senior resumes cost. You have to wait for a quote back from Wesley and his team in order to find out exactly how much their resume writing is going to cost. Most people want an idea of how much they have to spend before contacting a service, especially to avoid sticker shock down the line.

Turnaround: 72 hours

Cost: $139+

Phone: (859) 940-2013


5. CorpEx Intl

6 Best Resume Writing Services in Louisville, KY

CorpEx Intl was founded by Pamela A. Williams, a published author with over 25 years of intense HR experience. While resume writing is not their main focus, they also offer strategic planning, executive coaching, and leadership development. CorpEx Intl features local Louisville companies that they have worked with on their website.

Pros: CorpEx Intl’s team has a level of experience that many other resume writing services lack. At $65 per hour you may end up saving some money compared to other services if they can create your resume in a timely manner.

Cons: CorpEx Intl doesn’t have any reviews that specifically talk about their resume writing services. Although they offer resume writing, CorpEx Intl states that their ideal customer is a small- to medium-sized business that needs workforce management solutions. And be warned: their website is not the most appealing website that you will look at.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: $65/hour

Phone: (502) 608-5696


6. Career Compass Global

6 Best Resume Writing Services in Louisville, KY

Career Compass Global has the necessary credentials to not only craft your resume but guide your career as well. Laura Hill received her master’s degree in Career Counseling from the University of Maryland, which is consistently ranked as number one for that major. This level of education surely helps Laura better assist her clients.

Pros: Career Compass Global specifically mentions exactly what scenarios they are great at, such as parents re-entering the workforce as well as general career changes. Career Compass Global has a number of very positive reviews for both their career counseling as well as their resume writing services.

Cons: Career Compass Global has an hourly rate depending on their service, but that hourly rate is not mentioned anywhere. Unlike some of her competitors, Laura is not a Certified Resume Writer. Nevertheless, she can still write a great resume. Some clients may want a resume writer that has industry certifications.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone: (502) 418-6091

This List Serves The Following Areas Near Louisville, Kentucky:

Lexington-Fayette, Frankfort, Elizabethtown, Owensboro, Bowling Green, Covington, Richmond, Georgetown, Florence, Hopkinsville, Nicholasville, Elizabethtown, Henderson, Independence, Jefferstown, Radcliff, Murray, and more.

Not worried about finding a Louisville local company? Want to work with the best of the best? Check out the Best Executive Resume Services.

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