10 Best Resume Services in Hartford, CT

10 Best Resume Services in Hartford—Resume Writers Hartford Loves

Job hunting in Nutmegger? You’re not alone.

The job market is crazy out there, and you shouldn’t feel bad if you’re struggling to make moves in your career.

However, there is a saving grace that you may not have considered…

...Hartford resume writers.

You may not have ever considered professional resume writing. And who knows, maybe you’ve never even realized that resume writing services were a thing.

But now that you know, it’s time to take action.

Our top 10 list of the best resume writers in Hartford was created with you in mind. With a skillfully written resume, you’ll be able to stick out to employers in the way you’ve been aiming to. It’s amazing just how much a professional resume writing service can help take your resume from zero to hero.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check out our list of the top 10 resume writing services in Hartford, CT.

Best Resume Services in Hartford

If you are in a hurry and don't want to read our detailed reviews below, here is a list of the Best Resume Writers in Hartford:

  • Find My Profession (that's us!)
  • Professional Resume Plus
  • Able Resume Services
  • J Roa Consulting
  • Crossroads Consulting
  • EDGE Career Solutions
  • StepIn2Purpose Consulting
  • Fran's Fine Editing
  • Fern Selesnick Consulting
  • Strategic Life Plans

And now for the detailed reviews...

1. Find My Profession

Find My Profession is not just a top-notch resume service available in Hartford. We are a global company headquartered in the US on a mission to master effective, ATS compatible resumes that convert into offers.

A major perk of Find My Profession is that we are not a one-person shop.

Collectively, our team of elite resume writers has experience in 85+ unique industries/professions. This allows us to assign you a professional writer (in the United States) based on your unique background and experience.

We are also not a resume factory. We will never use “ghostwriters”. You will have your resume writer’s name, email, and phone number for direct communication.

With 100+ 5-star reviews and a 60-day interview guarantee that speaks for itself, you can sleep easy knowing that your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Find My Profession Resume Service Hartford

Pros: Find My Profession commits to working with each client until they are completely satisfied. Don’t worry about having a limited number of edits, or a set amount of time with your writer.

Cons: Find My Profession is a virtual/online company. While we provide services in your city, we don’t have a physical office. Also, with a focus on more senior positions, our entry-level resume service may be a bit pricey for recent graduates

Turnaround: 3-5 business days. Can expedite to 2 business days.

Cost: $395-$895

Phone: (831) 888-0967

Don't take our word for it, check out some of our 5-star reviews.


2. Professional Resume Plus

Professional Resume Plus takes a unique approach to writing your resume. Since the current environment for job seeking is more saturated than ever before, the folks at Professional Resume Plus understand that it takes effort and expertise to mold a resume that will get you hired. They use what they describe a “system,” which contains elements of SEO and digital marketing, in order to craft a resume for you.

10 Best Resume Services in Hartford, CT

Pros: Professional Resume Plus has great reviews from past customers, boasting some of the most company reviews out of Hartford resume writers on this list.

Cons: Since Professional Resume Plus offers many services besides resume writing, they may try to upsell you to purchase other services.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone: (860) 236-9480

3. Able Resume Services

Able Resume Services sure is able to write you a solid resume. That’s exactly why they have scored a spot on our list of the best Hartford resume writers. Having written thousands of resumes for clients over the span of multiple decades, Able Resume Services is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a professional resume writer.

10 Best Resume Services in Hartford, CT

Pros: Able Resume Services offers a quick turnaround if you are in need of a resume quickly. Additionally, they have been writing resumes since the ‘80s. That’s some serious expertise.

Cons: Able Resume Services’ website is difficult to use and has little information about their resume service. Not to mention, a 1-star review on Yelp could deter potential customers.

Turnaround: Not stated, but they do state that next day service is available.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone number: (860) 977-4535

4. J Roa Consulting

J Roa Consulting is a top Hartford resume writing service, owned and operated by Connecticut native Jaine Roa. Roa is bilingual in both English and Spanish, so if you’re a Spanish speaker in need of resume writing services, J Roa Consulting may be an exceptionally good option.

10 Best Resume Services in Hartford, CT

Pros: There are plenty of awesome reviews for J Roa Consulting that have been posted on various review platforms. Odds are that you are sure to get a quality, one-of-a-kind resume.

Cons: Since her service is a one-woman show, J Roa Consulting might not be able to write your resume if Jaine Roa is too busy with other projects at the time in which you reach out.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone number: (860) 471-6245

5. Crossroads Consulting

Crossroads Consulting is an executive search firm that writes resumes for established professionals. In addition to resume writing, Crossroads Consulting offers interview preparation and salary negotiation coaching.

Plus, not only do they offer services for job seekers, but they also cater to employers as well. It’s this kind of dual-sided knowledge that makes firms like Crossroads Consulting's well-versed in what employers want to see from job candidates.

10 Best Resume Services in Hartford, CT

Pros: If you need a resume and need it quickly, Crossroads Consulting’s resume writing service might be perfect for you. They offer a lightning-fast turnaround time.

Cons: Crossroads Consulting doesn’t write your resume completely from scratch. Instead, they optimize and reformat your resume.

Turnaround: Usually less than 24 hours.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone number: (203) 459-9969

6. EDGE Career Solutions

EDGE Career Solutions makes it very clear that they can cater to professionals within all sorts of situations. “Whether you are looking for a complete career change, competing for your next promotion or escaping a shrinking industry,” you’ll work directly with EDGE Career Solutions’ founder when using this Hartford resume writing service.

10 Best Resume Services in Hartford, CT

Pros: EDGE Career Solutions has written more than 1,000 resumes for job seekers, meaning they possess the experience necessary for you to land your next job.

Cons: Resume writing services are included exclusively within their existing packages, meaning that there is no way to buy just a resume from EDGE Career Solutions.

Turnaround: Not stated, but rush service is available.

Cost: $595 - $1295

Phone number: (860) 658-6480

7. StepIn2Purpose Consulting

StepIn2Purpose Consulting is yet another reputable career consulting firm to help Nutmeggers get ahead in their careers. While this service’s website might not be the most impressive, their reputation sure is. That’s exactly why StepIn2Purpose Consulting has earned a spot on our list of the top resume services in Hartford.

10 Best Resume Services in Hartford, CT

Pros: 2StepInPurpose Consulting has stellar reviews on their Facebook page and they have many satisfied customers. This is always an encouraging trait to consider before choosing a Hartford resume writer.

Cons: The owner and writer at StepIn2Purpose Consulting has a lot of other work on her plate, meaning she might not be able to take your resume on.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone number: (413) 351-8184

8. Fran’s Fine Editing

Fran’s Fine Editing is run by Fran Fahey, an Easthampton-based resume writer who services the surrounding areas. With three decades of experience writing, editing, and proofreading –– plus certification as a professional resume writer –– Fran can be entrusted to write an effective resume.

10 Best Resume Services in Hartford, CT

Pros: Fran’s Fine Editing has over 30 years of experience working with resumes in Human Resources. It’s that expertise that makes her such a strong resume writer. Along with a shiny new resume, customers also receive a 30-60 minute interview and a new cover letter.

Cons: Fran’s Fine Editing offers a variety of different writing services, so although Fran is a skilled resume writer, resumes aren’t her sole focus.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: $300

Phone number: (413) 529-1189

9. Fern Selesnick Consulting

Fern Selesnick Consulting has offered career services and training for the greater part of a decade. It’s worth noting that Fern Selesnick Consulting offers discounted resume writing for college students and recent graduates. This makes them a viable candidate for potential clients who are looking for affordable (albeit professional) Hartford resume writing.

10 Best Resume Services in Hartford, CT

Pros: Fern Selesnick Consulting can coach you through your job interview and job search, which are added benefits should you want/need an all-hands-on-deck approach in order to take your career to the next level.

Cons: Fern Selesnick Consulting does business consulting as well as resume writing. Like multiple firms on this list, resume writing is not Fern’s sole focus. This is not a dealbreaker so much as something to take into consideration.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: $125 - $450

Phone number: (413) 563-8074

10. Strategic Life Plans

Strategic Life Plans goes by the motto, “brave starts here.” If you’re well aware that you need not just resume writing, but a total professional overhaul, Strategic Life Plans is one of the services on this top 10 list that is worth seriously considering.

10 Best Resume Services in Hartford, CT

Pros: Strategic Life Plans can help you get your career back on track and take your professional life to new heights.

Cons: You have to purchase a career coaching package in order to have your resume written by the folks at Strategic Life Plans. However, if you’re looking for a holistic approach to your job search, this may not be a bad thing.

Turnaround: Not stated.

Cost: Not stated.

Phone number: (860) 913-5122

This List Serves The Following Areas Near Harford, Connecticut:

Bristol, New Britain, Middletown, Waterbury, Mansfield, Windham, Windsor Locks, Torrington, Enfield, Cornwall Putnam, Killingly, New London, Norwich, Meriden

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