Recommended Reading for a Commute to a Job Interview

Recommended Reading for a Commute to a Job Interview

The commute to a job interview can be filled with anxiety. After all, you have nothing to do but sit there and wonder what will happen next. You may have job interview questions going through your head. You wonder about things like dressing properly or who you will speak with. Perhaps, you pop a mint or Tums to calm your stomach and freshen your breath.

Then, you realize the job interview still doesn’t happen for another hour.

Instead of going crazy over what you cannot control, take your mind off the interview with these blogs; some recommended reading for your commute to the job interview.

“4 Safe Stories for Your Job Interviews”

This is a great article if you know you are the type of person who talks too much and offers too much information in job interviews. Instead of telling professional stories, you end up saying awkward things about your personal life. This blog helps you by offering risk-free stories for the hiring manager.

“Best Questions to Ask During an Interview”

If you dread the moment in a job interview when an interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” this is a post that will give you guidance on what to ask and why.

“Closing the Deal in Your Job Interviews”

If you hate closing deals or requesting something of a complete stranger, you will find this post helpful in your next job interview. The blog goes into a method of closing deals that leads to either success or immediate elimination from a hiring process. The steps are bold, thoughtful, and give guidance to anyone not comfortable asking for things in a job interview.

“Ways to Deal With Nervous Tics in Job Interviews”

You are nervous on your way to a job interview, so there is a general fear that anxiety will spill over into the interview. This helpful post offers ways to calm yourself down before any visible nervous twitch gets the better of you.

“Why Should We Hire You for This Job?”

This post by Career Coach, Jennifer Hill, addresses the one question that gets so many entry-level candidates eliminated from a hiring process: Why should we hire you for this job?

The post is helpful for the many inexperienced job candidates who think, “I want to get paid. So, I will work harder than anyone.” is an acceptable answer. In addition, if you dislike feeling like you are bragging, or get nervous saying why you are better than others, this post is definitely for you.

“5 Words to Avoid to Gain Confidence in Job Interviews”

If you are worked up enough with anxiety and your confidence is shot, this is a great post to help you gain confidence during the job interview.

Many who become nervous before and during the job interview tend to use something called “verbal pauses” while speaking. This post also explains words you can focus on not saying to come across as confident, even if you are nervous inside.

“How to Explain Resume Gaps”

People who either took time off from work or were never hired for a long period of time, know that the question, “Why the resume gap?” will come up during the job interview. This is a great post that helps you answer properly. Having a gap in your resume for any reason can put a job candidate on the defensive during an interview. Being in that position, or knowing it will happen, often leads to job interview anxiety.

In closing

Reading something about job interviews on the way to one is a great way to pass the time and leave you feeling prepared from the moment you walk in the door. It takes your mind off all the random negative thoughts that pop into your head for no reason. This way your mind can be completely focused on what you need to do, instead of worrying about things you cannot control.

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