10 Best Online Resume Builders (20+ Examples)

10 Best Online Resume Builders in 2019 (List)

We are very excited to share our favorite picks when it comes to the best free online resume builders.

Well technically, not all the resume builders on our list are free. Some cost a few dollars, but none of them will break the bank.

Below we will explain exactly what online resume builders are, the difference between resume builders and resume writers, as well as our top picks for the best paid and free online resume builders.

What Are Online Resume Builders?

Online resume builders, also known as resume makers are fast, easy, and affordable solutions for anyone who wants to write their own resume.

If you decide to write your own resume, you absolutely must use an online resume builder. This option is 100x better than trying to use a Word Doc to create a resume and it will only cost you a few dollars.

Online resume builders take out most of the guesswork with your resume. They offer various styles/formatting to fit your professional needs, and some even recommend keyword ideas, and suggestions to write about in your resume.

Online Resume Builders vs. Professional Resume Writers

Since the dawn of online resume builders, there is a constant debate between which is better: online resume builders or professional resume writers.

In reality, they are both useful for different occasions.

Online Resume Builder (Pros): Affordable - usually under $20/month. Fast - you can start designing your resume immediately. DIY - you are 100% in control of the look and feel.

Online Resume Builder (Cons): To some, being 100% in control could be considered a con. Not everyone knows how to optimize resumes for keywords, make them ATS compatible, etc. Also, not everyone has the time to invest hours in creating their own resume.

Professional Resume Writer (Pros): The content is almost always better written by a professional, than by a non-professional (yourself). Many resume services guarantee increased interviews, and overall more success compared to using an online resume builder.

Professional Resume Writer (Cons): The cost. Hiring a professional writer is going to cost significantly more than using a resume builder. Resume writers charge around $250 for entry-level resumes all the way up to $1,000+ for more senior-level writers.

If you’d prefer to hire a professional to write your resume, rather than personally building your resume online, you can check out our list of the 10 Best Local Resume Writing Services.

5 Best Free Online Resume Builders

1. Resume.com - Resume Builder Review

Resume.com is one of the only truly free online resume builders on the market. This company appears to be affiliated with Indeed.com because once you create a resume, they redirect you to a page where you can post your resume directly on Indeed.

Resume.com Features: We found 24 resume templates to choose from encompassing various colors, formats, and designs. Once you select a template you will be prompted to enter information about yourself including your contact details, professional summary, education, employment history, and more. Next, you can choose your template, font style, size, and spacing. Once you are finished, click save or print.

Resume.com Pros: Whoever said nothing in life is free has not checked out resume.com. They are as free as it gets. We couldn’t even find a place to spend money on the site if we wanted too.

Resume.com Cons: The template designs are limited and could be improved a bit.

Resume.com Cost: 100% Free

Resume.com Templates: Below are just two of the resume templates from Resume.


2. Canva - Resume Builder Review

Canva is a design company that works in a variety of verticals covering design types, templates, photos, and icons. One popular category is their resume builder tool. When you first land on the website, Canva mentions that their templates are used to create over 60,000 resumes per day.

Canva Features: Canva has more than 1,000 resume templates. As far as features go, Canva focuses heavily on the design aspect of the resume, with complete disregard to the content piece. There are no resume suggestions, keyword ideas, topic ideas, etc. This service is best for someone who is strictly looking for a nice design, without any of the resume advice.

Canva Pros: With over 1,000 resume templates, it’s almost impossible not to find something that you’d enjoy. They have a huge selection of colors, styles, designs, etc. This is by far one of the most impressive selections of templates that any free online resume builder has.

Canva Cons: While the majority of the resume designs are free, there are some that do require you to pay $1 in order to download the design.

Canva Cost: Free for the majority of the resume templates. However, their premium templates cost $1 to download.

Canva Resume Samples: Below are just two of the resume samples from Canva.


3. NovoResume - Resume Builder Review

NovoResume is an online resume maker with a nicely designed website and even nicer resume templates. They offer a free version which allows you to create a one-page resume at no cost. They also have a paid plan which is transparently listed on their website.

NovoResume Features: This service is free for a one-page resume but overall the free version is fairly limiting. The paid plan offers up to 3 pages of a resume/cv, access to cover letter templates, 9 additional fonts, video tutorials, and various other perks.

NovoResume Pros: With over 200 5-star reviews on Trustpilot alone, NovoResume must be doing something right. Their sleek designs with neat graphics/charts are definitely more modern than many other online resume builders.

NovoResume Cons: With only 8 templates to choose from, you really don’t have a ton of options. However, this makes things simple. Take a look at their samples and if you like the design, go for it!

NovoResume Cost: Free for a one-page resume. $16 per month to unlock all the features.

NovoResume Templates: Below are just two of the resume templates from NovoResume.


4. CVMaker - Resume Builder Review

CVMaker boasts an impressive 16,310,726 downloads and 6,247,762 saved CVs since their founding. In this case, a CV is essentially the same thing as a resume. While a curriculum vitae (CV) and a resume are technically different, this particular website uses them interchangeably. So don’t worry, if you are on the market for a resume, they got you covered.

CVMaker Features: The actual resume builder tool is fairly limited. It prompts you to enter basic information, work experience, qualifications, education, interests, and references; without any real guidance on what you should write. Granted, this is a free service so you can only expect so much. There is an option to upgrade to “premium” which gives you access to better templates, custom sections, fonts, colors, and more.

CVMaker Pros: Free is always a pro. This online resume analysis tool is free (for limited features) but will get the job done for a budget conscious shopper. Even their premium plan is one of the cheapest in the industry.

CVMaker Cons: The overall resume builder seemed a bit basic compared to some of the other companies. It did not walk you through each section step-by-step and was much more of a do-it-yourself resume builder.

CVMaker Cost: Free for unlimited basic templates. $16 per year for premium features.

CVMaker Templates: Below are just two of the resume templates from CVMaker.


5. Indeed - Resume Builder Review

Indeed needs very little introduction being the world’s largest job search site. In addition to offering a free resume builder which we will discuss below, Indeed is most well-known for hosting hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Indeed Features: When it comes to the indeed resume builder, the features are fairly limited. This isn’t going to be a resume builder with various templates and designs to choose from. It won’t even walk you through what to put on your resume. This resume builder is primarily focused on creating a resume that will work well when applying to jobs on Indeed.

Indeed Pros: If you already plan to use Indeed for your job search, you might as well use their resume builder. The process from creating your resume to posting it on Indeed and applying to jobs is seamless since they are together on the same platform.

Indeed Cons: If you aren’t going to use Indeed for your job search, this resume builder will fall short compared to others. This resume builder is best for someone who wants to apply to jobs in Indeed.

Indeed Cost: 100% Free

Indeed Resume Samples: Below are just two of the resume samples from Indeed.

5 Best Paid Online Resume Builders

1. MyPerfectResume - Resume Builder Review

MyPerfectResume is one of the most well-known online resume builders on the market. To be honest, I remember using this service about 5-years ago when I was embarking on a job search. It was fairly easy to navigate, and I even spoke with their customer service at one point who was able to answer all my questions giving me an overall pleasant experience.

MyPerfectResume Features: Great resume templates to choose from is important. But a ton of online resume builders offer this. The real advantage with MPR is that their artificial intelligence actually recommends keywords and bullet point ideas based on your background and the role you are pursuing.

MyPerfectResume Pros: With over 1,000,000 resumes made and counting, these guys do a great job when it comes to knowing how to put together a resume. My favorite part about this service is their suggestions on what kind of bullet points to include in your resume as well as relevant skills/keywords for the type of role you are pursuing.

MyPerfectResume Cons: This is not a free service. However, if you can commit to making your resume within 14-days, you can cancel after paying $2.95 and you won’t receive any more charges.

MyPerfectResume Cost: $2.95 - 14 day trial. $24.95 billed every 4 weeks if you do not cancel.

MyPerfectResume Templates: Below are just two of the resume templates from MyPerfectResume.


2. ResumeGenius - Resume Builder Review

ResumeGenius is an easy to use and user-friendly online resume builder. With more than 1,600 reviews on Trustpilot alone, there’s no hiding the fact that his service does an excellent job.

ResumeGenius Features: Resume templates cover a variety of different styles categorized by ResumeGenius as: 2019, advanced, clean, corporate, hybrid, majestic, stylish, and unique. Select your style then choose a color. Their auto-fill forms make selecting options easy and save you time having to figure out proper formatting. For example, when you add your city, state, school, etc.  it asks you to select from a dropdown, ensuring spelling and formatting is accurate compared to typing everything out yourself.

ResumeGenius Pros: With over 50,000 job bullet point phrases to choose from covering a variety of industries, ResumeGenius helps take your resume to the next level. A great design without great content won’t do much. ResumeGenius has a nice balance of design + content.

ResumeGenius Cons: ResumeGenius is another online resume builder that fails to mention anything about pricing until you have taken the time to write your resume using their software, and you want to download it. This can be frustrating if you don’t know this in advance.

ResumeGenius Cost: $1.95 - 14-day trial (make sure to cancel before the 14-days ends or you will be charged). $39.95 per month after the trial.

ResumeGenius Templates: Below are just two of the resume templates from ResumeGenius.


3. ResumeBuild - Resume Builder Review

ResumeBuild is another online resume builder specializing in student resumes, entry-level resumes, and professional resumes.

ResumeBuild Features: This online resume builder walks you through the steps needed to craft your resume. Once you choose a template, you’ll be prompted to enter your personal info, work experience, education, skills, and more. They even provide pre-written bullet point examples based on your career field.

ResumeBuild Pros: Like some of the other online resume builders on this list, ResumeBuild goes beyond the design by offering suggestions to add to your resume. Content is king and it is easily worth paying a few extra dollars for a resume builder that goes beyond just design.

ResumeBuild Cons: It seems to be a trend amongst online resume and cover letter builders. ResumeBuild does not mention anything about pricing until after you have already created your resume. Additionally, we think their resume templates could use some modernization.

ResumeBuild Cost: $1.95 - 7 day trial. $59 billed every 12 weeks if you do not cancel before the trial ends.

ResumeBuild Templates: Below are just two of the resume templates from ResumeBuild.


4. Zety - Resume Builder Review

Zety is one of the leading online resume builders not just in the United States, but across the globe as well. Their resume building software allows you to create a resume online in just minutes.

Zety Features: Zety provides a nice selection of color schemes to choose from before creating your resume. They also break your resume into 5 main sections: personal info, summary, experience, education, and skills. Their examples are helpful, although they would be more helpful if they were tailored towards the specific role you were applying for. Lastly, they offer a total of 18 resume templates for premium members.

Zety Pros: Unlike some resume builders that focus primarily on design, Zety does not leave you completely in the dark when it comes to the content on your resume. They provide examples of what to write in each section so at least you know where to start.

Zety Cons: The pricing is not transparent. It takes completing the entire resume and clicking the “download” button to know that you have to pay to download the resume.

Zety Cost: Starter version is $6.99 per month and includes 4 templates, with no access to their online cover letter builder. Premium version is $17.99 per month and includes 18 resume templates as well as the cover letter builder.

Zety Resume Templates: Below are just two of the resume templates from Zety.


5. Visme - Resume Builder Review

Visme is a bit unique compared to other resume building services on this list. Visme focuses primarily on presentations, infographics, social graphs, reports, and other things that improve with a bit of a visual touch. For the purpose of this article, we will focus only on their Infographic resumes and save talking about their other services for a different time.

Visme Features: Build your resume online by choosing from 100+ templates and color schemes. Access 50+ charts, data widgets, and maps from Visme. Track engagement. Etc.

Visme Pros: Visme is by far one of the most technically advanced resume builders online. The service is really unlike any of their resume builders on this list due to their focus on infographic style resumes, as opposed to the traditional resume.

Visme Cons: While uniqueness can be a good thing, it’s fair to say that the average hiring manager or recruiter does not receive these resumes regularly. They are still a little ahead of their time and may not work properly with all applicant tracking system (ATS) software.

Visme Cost: A free option available which includes up to 5 projects, limited templates, and other limited functionality. For unlimited projects and access to all Visme features, the cost is $25 per month.

Visme Resume Templates: Below are just two of the resume templates from Visme.


Hire A Professional Resume Writer

If you'd prefer to avoid online resume builders and have a professional write your resume, we have just the solution.

Find My Profession is a top-rated professional resume writing service with a focus on senior and executive-level job seekers.

While online resume builders are fantastic tools, the further you get in your career the more complex your work experience becomes and the more competitive the market becomes.

Job searching is hard enough as it is. The last thing you want to do is risk being passed up for your dream job because of your resume.

Contact us today and see how we can help land your dream job.

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