How to Write a LinkedIn Headline that Gets the Most Attention

How to Write a LinkedIn Headline that Gets the Most Attention

Don’t overlook the LinkedIn headline when updating your LinkedIn profile. Often times people don’t realize the importance of a well-crafted headline.

You are going to read about things to consider when writing your LinkedIn headline and see some examples of what effective headlines look like compared to ineffective headlines. 

There are proper ways to write a LinkedIn headline. Remember to include these specific things when you write yours:

You’re a student or recent graduate

Students and recent college graduates with little or no work experience need to be more creative with their headlines. You want to tell a brief story to recruiters and hiring managers, letting them know what you have done, and what you are looking for. Take a look at the samples provided below. 

The first example shows this recent grad’s area of study, career interests, and specifies they are looking for entry-level positions



The second example is a grad student that says they are seeking an internship, and specifically identify the type of roles they want.



The third example is a student that states what their major is, tells when they will be graduating, and gives a specific type of position they are seeking.



All three examples give important information that a hiring manager will want to know. There is no reason to keep this information quiet, because these are things that will be asked during an interview. 

Looking for your next opportunity

Now that you have gained work experience, you are ready to create an effective headline that shows what you’ve accomplished, as well as what you are looking for. Whether you’re actively seeking your dream job, or just casually looking for new opportunities. 

A common mistake people make when crafting their headline is adding adjectives and buzzwords. Often times people include a bunch of adjectives or buzzwords that they think will make them stand out. Realistically, these things don’t tell hiring managers much of anything. Your headline will not attract attention, because it’s not telling what you’ve done or what you’re looking for. 

Next, we will look at samples of headlines that you should avoid if you are trying to get attention from hiring managers.

What you should not do

At first glance, the first example appears to tell important things about the person. The problem here is that they’re missing the specifics.


Here is an example of the headline that is filled with adjectives and buzzwords. It doesn’t tell a story like the good headlines do. 

The job search process is competitive, you need to stand out from other job seekers. You want to remember to put a picture in the mind of the hiring managers since they aren’t able to get to know the real you merely by reading your profile. 

Next, we will look at samples of headlines that will stand out and help you land the job interview.

What to do instead

The first example of what to do when creating a headline tells the person’s experience level, as well as their job and skill highlights.



The second example tells hiring managers which position the person is looking for as well as what they have the most experience doing.


Now that you have examples, what will you do next?

Now that you have examples of how to write a good, attention-grabbing headline, take some time to look through your skills and choose the best ones that relate closest to the job you’re looking for

Remember to leave out the buzzwords, as they don’t tell hiring managers what you can do for them, or what you’re looking for.

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