How to Stand Out From the Crowd While Job Searching

How to Stand Out From the Crowd While Job Searching

Job searching can be difficult. Standing out among stacks of other applicants and actually landing an interview, that can be even more difficult. So, how do you get noticed, showcase your skills and show a company that you will be a good fit if they barely even glance at your resume?

Page Kemna had the right idea. After job searching for some time and not landing any leads, Page had the idea to showcase her talents in a unique way. After realizing that her resume wasn’t getting her anywhere, she decided to show companies what she could bring to the table.

A person is so much more than what is on a resume. Everyone deserves more than a 20-30 second glance and it’s up to you to put yourself in the spotlight. Take an opportunity to show who you are, not what your resume says. Take the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Make a Reputation for Yourself

Page was able to express her talents by posting this video on LinkedIn. She was ambitious, set herself apart from her competition, and because of that, she was noticed. After only 3 days of sharing her video, she has over 140,000 views, 500 comments and 3500 likes on LinkedIn. She received messages from hiring managers at companies like Google, Cisco, Expedia, and many others. She made a reputation for herself on LinkedIn with just one video.

Resumes and interviews are boring. They don’t give you the chance to show who you really are. Maybe you can tell someone that you are ambitious and creative. Perhaps you can even tell them what skills you bring to the table. But nothing speaks louder than actually showing what you have to offer; making a reputation for yourself and that is precisely what Page did.

Go the Extra Mile

I will go the extra mile and show you that I’m worthwhile,” Page sang as she poured her heart out on LinkedIn in an effort to reach hiring managers. She did more than just fill out an application and submit her resume. She took the initiative and showed why she deserved the interview. She showed her ambition and talent and proved that she would be an asset to any company.

Page used a unique technique to show her skills that you don’t see on a resume. She confirmed that she can think outside of the box. She put herself out there and showed courage, confidence, creativity, and brains. These are things that every company values.

Ask Yourself

When a company starts interviewing, they invite more than one candidate. You have the opportunity before and after the interview to make yourself memorable, in the right way. Ask yourself:

  • Why am I the best fit for this role?
  • How can I present my talents beyond my resume?
  • What skills and talents do I have that will make an impact in this role?
  • How can I make a positive reputation for myself?

Asking yourself these questions will help you take the extra steps needed to present yourself as a more memorable, qualified, desirable and interested candidate. They will help you decide the best way for you to make an impression.

Take Risks

Bottom line is, Page took a risk. She wasn’t the average job seeker. She saw a way to delineate herself from the crowd and stand out in a way that showed the best version of herself. In today’s highly competitive job market, you need to make an impression in order to win. Put yourself out there, take a risk and show those companies what you are made of.

You know your talents, you know what you are capable of. Now it’s time to get out there and show others what you are capable of. Show them why they should hire you over other candidates. Don’t be the average typical job seeker. Make use of your talents and use them to become a memorable job seeker and soon enough, you will be recognized for your unique skills and abilities.  

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