How to Customize Your LinkedIn URL

How to Customize Your LinkedIn URL

It is extremely important that you customize your URL when using LinkedIn. It could mean the difference between “getting found” or “getting ignored”.

Why is customizing a LinkedIn URL so important? We explain in this quick helpful post for job seekers using LinkedIn.

Why you need to customize your URL on LinkedIn

Consider the following reasons for customizing your LinkedIn URL:

1. LinkedIn gives you a scrambled URL after you create a profile

The URL LinkedIn gives you usually looks something like this:


If you have a commonly used name that can be found all over LinkedIn’s 500 million profiles, you had better do something in your URL to tell others they have found the right person.

2. No one can remember a URL that ends in “a0394fh89”

If your LinkedIn URL is difficult to remember, it makes finding you much more difficult. Try using a URL that looks like it contains LinkedIn and your name only.

If someone goes to look for you on LinkedIn by typing in your name after the “” URL, it is much easier to do if it is just your name.

3. Hey...It just looks better

Seriously, would you rather have this URL:

Or would you rather have a LinkedIn URL ending in a bunch of numbers? It looks better to have only your name, plus it tells others that you pay attention to details of your social media footprint.

Here is how to customize your LinkedIn URL

1. Go to your LinkedIn profile page, the one that shows your LinkedIn URL in the browser.

How to Customize Your LinkedIn URL

2. Next, go to the top right of your LinkedIn profile and look for the “Edit Public Profile & URL” section.

It is right underneath the “Me” section. See below:

How to Customize Your LinkedIn URL

3. Click the “Edit public profile & URL” section, which opens up a new page.

On the new page, the upper right section will provide an option to change your URL. You will have to click on the small blue pencil to start. See below:

How to Customize Your LinkedIn URL

4. After you click the blue pencil, an option will open up that will allow you to rewrite the LinkedIn URL.

See below:

5. After you rewrite the URL, click save and your LinkedIn URL is changed!

The new link is much more user-friendly for those trying to find you. 

Here's a tip about changing the LinkedIn URL

You will find that some URL’s are no longer available on LinkedIn. This is usually when someone has the same name as you, but they were quicker to snag your LinkedIn URL.  

If this happens, contact the person with that LinkedIn profile URL. See if they are willing to change it.

If they say no, try a LinkedIn URL that includes a middle name, initial or add one simple number to it on the end.

Using me as an example

There are two “Steven Lowell” profiles on LinkedIn. One is for a public speaker and the other is me.

I had connected with the other profile and worked out in messaging who would use what LinkedIn URL. At the same time, I discovered someone quite interesting to network with and that is never a bad thing!

Do you see the difference? Customize your URL on LinkedIn and simply having another person’s name may work in your favor!

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