How to Cure the Summertime Unemployment Blues

How to Cure the Summertime Unemployment Blues

It is never easy being a job seeker, especially when you are unemployed. Finding a job gets a lot tougher when it seems like everyone you need to contact for a job has gone on vacation.

However, the summertime could be the best time for you to get hired.

Read why job seekers in the summer can get hired and how to cure those summertime unemployment blues.

Why Summertime Makes Finding Work Easier...If You Are Looking

There are three simple reasons why you can find work in the summer if you step up your job search efforts.

  1. Job seekers face less competition in the summer from employed job seekers.
  2. Hiring managers and recruiters have more time on their hands, as hiring has slowed down.
  3. In general, people tend to be more relaxed and willing to network in the summer.

Hiring data collected over a period of 10 years has shown the most active month for hiring decisions is June. December is the slowest, given there are more job seekers to choose from.

When the employed cats are away, it is time for the unemployed job seekers to play. Here is how to make it happen for you.

Look for Temporary Contract Work That Covers Those Vacationing Employees

The summer is a good time to find work in which you cover for people on vacation.

Companies with temp worker departments may hire people for two or three weeks at a time.

This is a great time for you to test run a company while getting to know people in the office.

In a short period of time, you can work your hardest to show people how amazing you are and why it is great to have you around.

Who knows? They may discover how much they miss you the day after you leave and that full-time employee returns.

Here’s How to Roll With the Punches of a Delay-Filled Summer Job Search

The summer months are the only time of the year when the entire US is experiencing warm weather and plenty of sunshine.

Use this good feeling to do these three things more so than you would in busier months:

  1. Network on LinkedIn
  2. Network with people in-person that you normally communicate digitally with
  3. Travel for job interviews and make a vacation out of it

You have to expect delays while job seeking in the summer. But this means you should start networking for a job, not stop. It also does not mean you have to stop vacationing.

Do you have a city you had always wanted to visit? Try and find an interview in that city. Better yet, go to that favorite city, look for jobs, and walk right into the office to hand someone your resume.

If this sounds crazy

I tried it before on a trip to Hamilton, Bermuda. I found that while every other local is bound by following the local rules, I was only in town for 7 days.

I had nothing to lose. It worked for me. I was hired by that company’s New York City office after the summer ended and I was back in New York.

I have tried this two more times in the last 18 years. Each time, the people I met had an appreciation for someone who would travel that far to visit their city.

The Summer Is a Great Time to Network Through Volunteering and Internships

The summer months are a great time to explore networking opportunities through volunteer work.

Whether it be working in a youth organization, teaching a class, or taking on an internship, the summer is the best time to get your foot in the door at a company.

Regardless of your industry or position, you can find hundreds of opportunities by doing a Google search of “summer internships 2018”.

Given you are an intern, and you know you will only have 3 months to make an impact, you may as well show the company, organization, or whatever you do, the very best of yourself.

Consider it a 3-month long networking event that will lead to making connections and finding yourself a new job!

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