How Leaders Effectively Lead by Example

How Leaders Effectively Lead by Example

Setting an example for others is an integral part of any leadership role. This ensures that leaders are backing up their words with actions. Through these actions, a good leader can show their team members exactly what they want and expect from them.

The best leaders don’t just sit behind a desk telling people what to do.  They lead by example. As a result, the team comes to their leader for advice. They trust the leader knows how to excel and has the qualities needed for success in a leadership role.

Read how you can take action to start leading by example to make your team stronger and more successful.

Celebrate team members and their accomplishments

When a leader celebrates the accomplishments of their team members, it helps to instill an environment for collaboration and support.

When a team member achieves exceptional results or earns a promotion, a leader should selflessly acknowledge and commend them for it.

Distributing praise for a job well-done impacts both the leader and team in a positive way.

Encouraging teams to succeed makes employees feel respected and shows them that what they do matters to the leader, company, and other team members.

How to demonstrate an exceptional work ethic

By showing up to work daily, prepared to give their absolute best, leaders are setting an example for their team. Leaders are showing them a work ethic that is required for leadership.

Leaders should commit themselves to the job at hand. Even if this means staying late or coming into work early sometimes. When leaders go above and beyond to achieve results, team members notice it and start to do the same.

On the flipside of this example, if a leader starts to relax and the work ethic becomes a poor example, the team may begin to follow suit. The leader may start to wonder why the team is not trying very hard while that very same leader is the one teaching the team a poor work ethic.

The poor work ethic amongst staff and team impacts work ethic and overall accomplishments of the team.

Be open to feedback

Everyone has room for improvement, even leaders. When a team member or colleague gives feedback, whether positive or negative, a leader should be accepting of feedback.

After all, how can a leader expect their team to change and adapt to feedback if they are unwilling to do it themselves?

A leader must remain open to constructive criticism and be able to change their approach accordingly. Listening to team members without judgment and encouraging them to share their opinions and ideas, inspires continuous improvement and team spirit.

Leaders know how to take the punch for a team

It’s inevitable. Things go wrong. It is a leader’s responsibility to accept the blame. Don’t be afraid of acknowledging mistakes and mishaps.

Do not defend bad decisions or try and shift the blame to someone else. You are the leader. It doesn’t matter whose idea it was because you are in charge and it is your responsibility.

Accept the consequences and learn from them. Taking the punch and accepting blame instills trust and respect in team members for their leaders.

Following these tips to lead by example will positively impact teams and companies.

Something all leaders can try

Leaders, if you don’t already, try changing and adapting your approach. Be an example to your team and you will notice drastic positive changes in moral, work ethic and overall team spirit.

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