How Authenticity Eases the Job Interview Process

How Authenticity Eases the Job Interview Process

The term authenticity surely carries different weight to different people.

In my world, however, it is quite simple. The representation of yourself on paper is an exact clone of who you represent in reality.

Of course, like layers of an onion, we all have multiple layers representing our personalities that can be peeled back.

But at the end of the day, it matters that you are true and honest.

Here’s How This Applies to Interviewing

Let’s start at the very beginning of building your resume.

When you start to compile documents and completed timelines, it is important to recall them accurately.

You want to recall them truthfully for your own well-being.

It helps ease the tension when you subject your information to the recruiter.

You are confident each sales number and a year-end figure is precise.

Don’t End up at the Bottom of the Resume Pile

One of the top reasons a resume will hit the bottom of the pile is lack of authenticity and correctness.

Often candidates get so consumed by the process, they feel it will be “no big deal” to exaggerate a detail on the resume here and there.

I beg you, please make no mistake, it is a big deal. It will haunt you.

It’s Okay to Create a Brag Book

Time to put together your documents, accomplishments, and awards!

This piece is going to be the black and white evidence supporting the claims made on your resume and cover letter.

Each candidates’ brag book varies, especially from industry to industry.

Often, they will contain accolades, celebratory emails from a superior, business plans, sales rankings, or even examples of the work created leading to a positive result.

To dive a bit deeper, inaccuracy amongst sales numbers is the most common mistake noted by recruiters.

I will continue to preach until I am blue in the face. Emit only the most truthful material you possess.

This is a rule of thumb in career development and life: Keep the details clean.

Here’s How This Affect Job Interview Nerves

Close your eyes for thirty seconds and think about the pre-interview nerves the majority of us feel. We are all human and about to enter an uncomfortable situation.

The question is, “How do I walk into that room as confident, and flawlessly as possible?”

The answer brings us right back to authenticity.

All the integrity you spilled into your documents will now shine through verbally across the table.

Each question thrown at you comes with much more ease as you are recalling from a pure fact, rather than any doctored information to make you look better on paper.

You are at your best. You know it.

If you’re able to conquer this one measurable chunk of the hiring process, that is fire.

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