Good and Bad Days to Attack Online Job Positions

Good and Bad Days to Attack Online Job Positions

There are good days to attack online job positions. And there are bad days. It is one of the biggest reasons why it is wise to never quit your job before you have a new one. The bad days of waiting to hear back or see job postings listed can feel like an eternity.

So, make the most of your week while job searching. Make sure you are focused and applying for jobs, or have people doing it for you, on these good days below to successfully apply for a job. Attack the online job positions on the days listed below and take a break on the other days.  

What should you do when you cannot attack online job positions?  Make sure you energize yourself, prepare for interviews, or work on other aspects of your career (resumes and cover letters).

Good Days to Apply

1. Monday (Best day)

This may come as a surprise to most. Monday is actually the best day of the week to attack online job positions or have a company like Find My Profession do it for you. Statistically, applicants who apply on a Monday have a 1 in 3 chance of moving forward in the interview process.

What makes Monday so special? As the week progresses, and a job posting continues to receive applications, those applying on Monday stand the greater chance of being viewed. Those who apply later in the week end up on the bottom of the pile.

Apparently, first-come-first-serve still has meaning when applying for jobs online. Your application is viewed in the order in which it was received. Of course, timing is not everything. It helps when applications are targeted to your specific skills when you successfully apply for a job.

2. Tuesday & Wednesday

These two days are added together because, statistically, these are the two days when companies post the most job listings. Monday sees a fair amount of companies posting jobs, too. But the majority of hiring decisions take place on Tuesday.

On these specific days, it helps to be quick on the trigger for submitting applications. The majority of job postings happen at 11 am. And the rush of applications begins normally around 2 pm. It may be useful for those looking to beat the crowd to keep their eyes open before 2 pm. This way, the submission of an application will not be received along with dozens of others.

With the majority of job postings and hirings taking place between Monday to Wednesday, ideally, these are the best days for job seekers to keep their eyes open.

3. Friday morning

Hiring managers stay hard at work while others start to wind down for the week. This is a great time to apply for online job positions and get your resume in front of a hiring manager looking to meet deadlines.

Given they will most likely be scheduling interviews by the afternoon, it is best to get your application in early. As the saying goes, “The early bird catches the worm.”

4. The same day it was posted

The convenience of applying for jobs online means you will have competition. A job posting that sits on a website longer than a day has usually fulfilled its purpose. If one job listing receives 50 applications, in one day, there will be enough applicants to contact from that bunch. When searching for jobs online, try searching for jobs posted the same day you wish to apply for a job.

Bad Days to Apply

1. Saturday & Sunday

It is tough to take a weekend when you have not worked all week. The reality is, the hiring managers are taking weekends off. So, you should do the same.

Simply put: You are submitting an application into a pile from the week. And no one will see it. No one is working.

2. Thursday

Thursday is a popular day for conducting interviews. Hiring managers cannot look at applications and schedule interviews if they are busy talking to job candidates.

At the end of the day, in spite of technology, the hiring process is still very human. People end up talking to people. Candidates have to communicate whether they can do a job or not. Employers have to communicate what they want from candidates in a job description.

Those who are aware of the best ways to communicate with the other party stands a greater chance of success.

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