Getting Your Mind In Shape for an Interview

Getting Your Mind In Shape for an Interview

I remember when in I was in middle school and had to write a book report on Rome, Italy.

Full disclaimer: I was a horrible writer in middle school. I still did the book report, of course, but it wasn't as long as it could have been due to my lack of interest in writing. So I supplemented the book report by constructing a model of the Coliseum. To my surprise, it worked. My history teacher loved how I had thought outside of the box. That day, I learned a valuable lesson on how things can be done out of context.

That experience and many others launched my journey into thinking about what shapes our minds. They are our greatest asset, and they can be our nuclear bomb if we allow them. It would be bold to think that we can create our paths and how we can shape how we think but I believe we can. I mean, why not?

We put a man on the moon! So heck yes, we can.

It's Ok to Dream

I don’t know about you, but I daydream about various things: personal and professional goals, acing a job interview, gardening, learning to cook etc. I think you get the point. What we believe in our heads tells us how to feel. How powerful are our minds? Do we believe what other people say if it's positive or negative? Do we listen? When we filter out the negativity, this is the mind being strong and telling us subconsciously to believe in ourselves.

These are things we do without even thinking about it. Whether you are in the throes of holiday shopping or simply looking for great weekly deals on groceries, you're not that different from most people, myself included. I like finding nice sales and saving money. There is a satisfaction in finding a good deal while shopping. For some of us, shopping is a low-pressure event; we take our time to browse around to see what is on sale or seek out bargains as we window shop.

We don't just rush out and buy the first items we see. Whether you're looking for jeans, shoes, or just a shirt you don't just browse one store, you go to several different stores to compare.

Focus on Your Actions

Are you a sports fanatic? I am. I was watching a Golden State Warriors game, and Klay Thompson was at the free-throw line. His free-throw technique looks effortless: he bounces the ball a few times, aims, and shoots the ball toward the basket. He releases the ball in the air, and with a slight flick of his wrist he follows through. The ball soars through the air, and all you hear is "swish." Nothing but net! Thompson is calm and focused on every action of making a free-throw. Why? His head concentrates on all of his actions.

So, what do free-throws and shopping have in common? Anything that we do, we include our thoughts and minds. What can happen? A lot because the way we think can change things. If you think about it, our minds are our biggest sources of power. It is all in the mind how we approach things.

Our minds can be our greatest roadblock or they can help us achieve what we need to move forward. In other words, our minds can be our biggest assets or our biggest weakness.

Give Your Mind a Break

Many people ask me the best way to achieve a healthy mind; honestly, it starts with you and how you treat your mind. First of all, identify the cause of stressors and how you can change your attitude around them. A good technique is to find a positive attribute around your biggest stressors.

When I was in the sixth grade, I got in trouble because my mother asked me to come back a certain time from the mall, but I was late. I told my mom that my friend Gabby could stay out later and so we did. Well, that was the wrong answer. My mother told me that I knew better and that I needed to think for myself. I am sure your parents told you this same story. The technique I will be explaining will allow you to picture yourself in the future you want to have.

Write it down and feel free to be very descriptive about it. This image will serve as a reminder that will be with you no matter where you go. It all about taking one step at a time to make your mind healthier and stronger.

Baby Steps

Once you find the “positive,” keep making small steps to achieve it. Each day it will transfer into something awesome. The shaping of your mind will continue to grow, and you will see the change in each moment. If you slip back into you old habits, don't worry. We all do it. Just continue to take steps forward and try again. Remember that one moment in life when you felt strong in spirit and mind--that is the moment you have to capture and keep.

Keep that moment, feeling, sound, smell and remember everything about seizing that moment in time. That is the starting point for you to make your mind mentally strong and nothing will be able to break it. Hold that focus of what you want to do nothing can stop you now. No one on this earth can break you down no matter how hard they try.

I have a little secret to share with you. Think of how you feel when you achieve something or are working hard to make something. When you put your mind to something, anything is possible. It is all about having that positive vision in your head that you can do it. Getting a new job, taking lessons to learn an instrument you've always wanted to play, or simply taking steps to change old habits. Once you start to believe it will happen, things will start to change.

Having a strong mind is the only way to make your goals come true. Go out and achieve positive outcomes! For more interviewing tips check out Find My Profession and learn all about our executive career services.

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