Five Strengths – Amy L. Adler Executive Resume Writer Review

Five Strengths – Amy L. Adler Executive Resume Writer Review

When it comes to finding a credible and high-quality executive resume writer, making a decision can be tough.

To help, we will be reviewing Amy Adler the Founder of Five Strengths Career Transition Experts. We will also explain how Amy was able to make our list as one of the top 5 resume writers in the Greater Salt Lake City area.

Resume Review – Amy L. Adler (Writer at Five Strengths)

Amy L. Adler of Five Strengths Career Transition Experts is an executive resume writer with nearly 10 years of resume writing experience, beginning her resume writing career in 2009.

Amy is such a well-known writer that she was even able to make #5 on our list of the 5 best resume services in Salt Lake City.

With any writer, there are going to be some pros and cons to focus on. Nobody is perfect so take these cons with a grain of salt.

Pros: Five Strengths Career Transition Experts is not just a resume writing service. They also offer LinkedIn development, cover letter writing, outplacement services, and career coaching. Additionally, Amy L. Adler has 10 years of resume writing experience which is nothing to scoff at.

Cons: While some resume writing certifications can be useful, you want to be careful when someone says they are a Certified Master Resume Writer or a TORI award winner. Amy is currently involved as a judge for the TORI awards so make sure to do your research on these awards before being “wowed”. We also feel the service is a bit overpriced.

Estimated Cost: While pricing is not transparently listed on her website, we believe that Amy charges north of $2,500 for an executive resume. While this is not the most expensive resume in the world, it is definitely near the top 1%.

Amy Adler Resume Writing Process

Amy Adler’s resume writing process can be summarized into 5 main steps:

  1. Amy will send over 14 online modules for you to complete covering your career history, contributions, accomplishments, and branding.
  2. Schedule a formal phone consultation with Amy.
  3. Once you have completed all 14 modules, Amy will begin writing the resume.
  4. Expect a draft within 5-10 business days.
  5. Work with Amy on edits to your draft.

Overall Rating – 8.1

Five Strengths has scored an 8.1 on our Resume Rating scale. We have taken a variety of factors into consideration including the quality of the resumes (design, content, etc.), the estimated price of the resume, professionalism of the website, and time spent with the client.

We feel Amy Adler could improve her score by doing the following:

  1. Gather transparent reviews listed on third-party sites. We simply could not find any real customer reviews outside of her own website which is always very alarming for us.
  2. Remove headshots of clients from the resume. Headshots are outdated and not considered the norm in the U.S.
  3. Reduce the cost of the service. At some point, having a bunch of certifications stops increasing the quality, but continues to increase the price.
  4. We found some slanderous articles on her website bad mouthing a competing company. While we have not taken this into consideration in the overall rating, these practices are frowned upon.

Alternative Executive Resume Writing Services

If you are a senior-executive professional looking for an excellent resume writings service, we always recommend interviewing 2-3 companies before making a decision.

To make things easier for you, we have taken the liberty of listing some of our favorites below, with just a hint of bias.

  1. Find My Profession (hey, that’s us!) - 9.7
  2. Great Resumes Fast - 9.3
  3. An Expert Resume - 9.1
  4. Chameleon Resumes - 8.9
  5. The Writing Guru - 8.5

At the end of the day, there is never going to be a one size fits all resume service. Finding the best executive resume service will depend on your industry, role, location, and overall expectations. The most important thing is that you do your research.

Find a credible company, make sure you can find real reviews listed outside of their own website, and make sure they have experience working with someone just like you.

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