At Find My Profession, we have 50 guest bloggers who share professional career advice.

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So, if you have some career advice to offer, we want to publish it on our blog.

Here are the guidelines on how to write for Find My Profession’s blog.

How Long Should Your Guest Post Be?

  • 500 to 1000 words

What Should I Write About?

We focus our career advice on an audience of:

  • Executives and/or job seekers at a mid to senior-level stage of their careers.

Original content is permitted, only. We cannot publish content that appears elsewhere online or resembles content elsewhere online.

Short on Ideas but Have Lots to Say?

For a complete list of ideas:

We invite you to read our blog thoroughly to get an idea of the content we are seeking.

General Notes

  • Writing for Find My Profession’s blog is for the benefit of guest authors. Content is not compensated monetarily.
  • Find My Profession gets the approval of a guest author before publishing.
  • Content may be reformatted for blog guidelines and SEO purposes.
  • Sorry, no commercialized content selling services or products.
  • Your bio has space for up to 255 characters and one website link will be added to the More from this author link.

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