Chameleon Resumes - Lisa Rangel Executive Resume Writer Review

Chameleon Resumes - Lisa Rangel Executive Resume Writer Review

Are you looking for an executive resume writing service to create a masterpiece of a resume on your behalf? We can help.

This blog is a review of Lisa Rangel from Chameleon Resumes. It covers why she made Find My Profession’s list of the Top 10 List for 2019.

We also share some of the pros and cons of working with Lisa Rangel and Chameleon Resumes.  

Resume Review - Lisa Rangel (Founder of Chameleon Resumes)

Lisa Rangel of Chameleon Resumes has more than 20 years of experience covering equal parts of executive recruiting and executive resume writing.

Chameleon Resumes is the “only Executive Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile Development & Job Search Coaching consultancy firm hired by LinkedIn and recognized by Forbes as a Top 100 Career Website.”

All in all, Chameleon Resumes has made #4 on our list of top executive resume writing services. We explain the pros and cons below.

Pros: Lisa Rangel has both executive recruiting and executive resume writing experience. Lisa is a resume writer with first-hand experience being a “resume reader” during the hiring process. As an added service, she offers resume writing services for those at different career levels.

Lisa Rangel has also been hired by LinkedIn, which is a great honor in itself. Her work was selected by Forbes as a Top 100 Career Website due to the quality of resumes she creates. Lisa at Chameleon Resumes is known for eye-catching resume designs in a world that has a difficult time spending more than six-seconds reading them.

Cons: Going through the service to purchase an actual resume was distracted by package deals and pop-ups that try to get a person to sign up for a daily newsletter.

The turnaround time for this service also happened to be more than three weeks, unless you want to pay more to have a rush delivery, cutting the wait to only one week. This is slightly above the industry average.

While Lisa Rangel has undoubtedly done a great job branding herself, it appears that she is not actually the only one writing the resumes. All of the credibility, recognition, awards, etc. go out the window if the person who received them will not be working on your resume. There is mention of a “team” that she works with, but we really do not have any indication of who this team is, and what their credentials are.

Lisa Rangel’s Resume Writing Process

Lisa Rangel’s resume writing process involves these steps:

  1. Review samples of previous resume work done by Chameleon Resumes.
  2. Fill out a contact form sharing information about your career and needs.
  3. Schedule a call.
  4. Have an informational phone call to discuss your goals.
  5. Agree on pricing.
  6. Send payment.
  7. Within a day, receive instructions for sending necessary information, based on your purchase.
  8. Finalize documents.
  9. Work through the resume edits based on the information provided by the client.
  10. Receive the completed resume.

All sales are final with this service. The turnaround time for this process takes 3 to 4 weeks.

How Much Does Chameleon Resumes Cost

While the cost can slightly range depending on the package, we recognized the costs starting at $1,800+.

Overall Rating - 8.9

Chameleon Resumes scores an 8.9 on our Resume Rating scale. We have taken a variety of factors into consideration including the quality of the resumes (design, content, etc.), the estimated price of the resume, professionalism of the website, and time spent with the client.

Top Alternative Resume Services for Executives

If you are an executive looking for a great resume writing service, check out the article above. To make it easier for you, we have taken the liberty of listing some of our favorites below.

  1. Find My Profession - 9.7
  2. Great Resumes Fast - 9.5
  3. An Expert Resume - 9.1
  4. The Writing Guru - 8.8
  5. Career Steering - 8.1

At the end of the day, there is no one size fits all resume writing service. Finding the best executive resume service will depend on your industry, role, location, and overall expectations. The most important thing is that you do your research. Whatever you do, make sure to avoid the 10 Worst Resume Writing Companies for Executives.

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