Find My Profession Career Finder Service: Do I Qualify?

Find My Profession Career Finder Service: Do I Qualify?

You might be asking yourself, "What is the Career Finder Service?" and "Do I Qualify?"

Those are two excellent questions that we are going to cover in this article.

Before continuing, we will save you some time by letting you know that the Career Finder Service is a premium service for senior and executive-level job seekers only. The cost can range anywhere from $8,000 - $12,000 depending on a variety of factors that we will outline below. 

If you are not an executive, or you would never consider paying this amount of money, you can save yourself some time by skipping this article.

What is the Career Finder Service?

The Career Finder Service offered by Find My Profession is the first ever professionally managed job search solution.

Think Hollywood Agent, but for executive-level job seekers.

That's right. For the first time in history, you as a job seeker have the ability to hire and retain a career expert who will manage all aspects of your job search. 

What does "all aspects of the job search" really mean?

Find My Profession's Career Finder Service includes:

  • A professionally written and ATS optimized resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter.
  • A personal talent agent who will fill out all job applications on your behalf.
  • A personal talent agent who will keyword optimize your resume for each application they submit.
  • A personal talent agent who will network with key decision makers for you.
  • A personal talent agent who will set up networking calls at your target companies.
  • A personal talent agent who will contact recruiters and headhunters to pursue the "hidden job market".
  • A personal talent agent who will offer interview prep for all upcoming interviews.

In short, everything that you should be doing in your job search, but might not have the time to do (or patience), your personal talent agent has got you covered.

What's the Value Add?

You have probably heard the saying, "A job search is a full-time job in itself".

In order to conduct a successful job search, you will need to do the following tasks mentioned above.

Whether you choose to manage your job search personally, or you choose to hire a professional, that is up to you. 

Since Find My Profession exclusively works with $100,000+ earners, it's fair to assume that the average client is making at least $50/hr. 

Rather than spending your own valuable time, you can retain someone who does this for a living.

If the average job search takes 250 hours, and Find My Profession is able to eliminate 200 of those hours, is it worth the investment? 

Not only does the Career Finder Service offer to do the work for you, but since their talent agents are trained in the art of job searching, it's very likely they will be able to land you a higher paying job than you could find yourself, covering the initial investment made on the service.

Find My Profession Career Finder Service: Do I Qualify?

Do I Qualify?

Since the Career Finder Service is a highly targeted solution and the first of its kind, there is currently more demand then there is supply.

With that being the case, Find My Profession has implemented a thorough screening process to ensure they are working with the best and most serious job seekers.

For the purpose of this article, we will cover the first steps in determining if you qualify for the Career Finder Service. 

  1. Are you currently in a position earning total compensation of at least $100,000?
  2. Are you currently in, near, or willing to relocate to a larger metropolitan area?
  3. Are you currently a U.S. citizen or green card holder?

If you answered "yes" to all of the questions above, you will want to schedule a call with Find My Profession to proceed with the screening.

To give you a better idea of who we typically work with, we have included some Career Finder client stats below:

  • 84% live in or will commute to a metro area.
  • 80% are hired in 6-months or less.
  • 79% receive equal or greater compensation packages than expected.
  • 76% are employed while using our service.
  • 75% are currently Director, VP, or C-level professionals.
  • 71% are in sales, finance, HR, and engineering leadership roles.
  • 65% are willing to relocate.

Find My Profession Career Finder Service: Do I Qualify?

Interesting in taking the next step in your career? Get started now by filling out your executive profile.

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