Best Times of the Year to Start Job Hunting

Best Times of the Year to Start Job Hunting

If you are thinking of looking for a new job, it is helpful to know the best time of year to start looking. Job markets have their seasons for hiring. It is good to know when they are in order to avoid demotivating job searches during slow hiring months.

In addition to the perfect months to start job hunting, there are also things that happen in your career which let you know it is time to start a new job search.

Best months: January and February

This is a great time to start applying for new jobs. Companies have their new hiring budgets, people are returning from the holidays ready to work, and all of the key hiring decision-makers will be in the office. The beginning of January starts off slow, but by mid-month, the pace picks up until the end of February. There are a wide variety of industries that do the bulk of their hiring during these two months. It is a good time to be active.

2nd best months: March, April, and May

With time moving fast and the summer months drawing near, hiring managers may feel pressure to fill roles in a company quickly. Heading into the summer months and vacations while short-staffed is a bad idea for any company. This ultimately means that it is a good idea to start your job search at the beginning of the year, then aggressively continue it for the next five months. If you are not hired quickly, at least by May when the pressure is on for hiring managers to find someone, you’ll be ready.

3rd best months: September and October

The summer is now over and the Holiday Season is just around the corner. There will be plenty of interviews and open positions. The process will also move quicker than other months to get people hired before the end of the year. It is a good time to have your resume in circulation amongst job recruiters and companies hiring.

Something to try

The above “best months” are great times to be applying for jobs. So, it is a good idea to get your resume out a week before the best months for applying begin. This way your resume gets in front of the right people first.

Not-so-great months: June, July, August, November and December

Decision-makers are on vacation and hiring slows down. This does not mean you should completely stop applying for jobs and networking. After all, if you want to work and others are on vacation, there could be some opportunities waiting for you in temporary or contract work. Stay diligent and make the most of your interviews when they come around.

Honorable mentions

Two other great times of the year to start job hunting include:

  1. When you know your industry is hiring
  2. When you do not need a job

Why? Times change quickly these days and it is always good to keep your options open. It does not hurt to talk to people and see what they have going on. In addition, it always seems like the best jobs we land in our career come to us when we least expect it.

Do not wait for fate to fall into your lap. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities and know when your industry or company is going through changes. There are very few jobs these days that promise lifelong job security. It is better to stay proactive about your career.

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