The Find My Profession Best Resume Service – US + CA award is dedicated to serving companies and individuals that provide the absolute highest quality of resume writing services to their community. 

Since 2018, Find My Profession has helped thousands of job seekers discover 100s of resume writing services through our comprehensive lists.

Examples of these lists include local lists such as The Best Resume Writing Services in New York City as well as industry-specific lists such as The Best Federal Government Resume Services.

With our annually updated lists, resume providers can receive the recognition they deserve while enabling job seekers to find a great resume service they can trust.

The Best Resume Service award is designed to honor local resume writers (US + CA) as well as industry-specific resume experts. You can count on our Best Resume Service research team to provide top-notch data and complete transparency.

Best Resume Service Award Benefits

You might be wondering, “What are the benefits of applying to the Best Resume Service award?”

We’re glad you asked. The Best Resume Service award is the most prestigious resume writing award in the industry that recognizes local and industry/career-specific resume writers.

Not only is being honored for this award a great achievement that can be featured online and off, but the extra exposure that our team can provide is the icing on the cake.

While many awards are given with biased intentions, charging hundreds of dollars for “application fees” and practically handing out the awards to everyone who applies, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Not only do we not charge any fees whatsoever, but our list is also based solely on our extensive research of the best local and job-specific resume writers. There is absolutely no way to buy into our lists and they are updated yearly to remain fresh and relevant with modern resume standards.

As recognized experts in the resume writing industry, Find My Profession feels more than qualified to review and award the most elite resume writing services. 

Here are some benefits our Best Resume Service award winners can receive: 

  • Featured publicity in our Best Resume Service media publications. 
  • Best Resume Service badge to feature with pride online and offline (see sample below).
  • Opportunity to increase trust and credibility locally + with potential clients.
  • Social Media exposure across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The better question would be, “Why wouldn’t I apply!?”

P.S. All applicants are allowed only one entry for the Best Resume Service award. However, by entering, each applicant has a chance to be featured in various publications (i.e. local + industry-specific articles).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will my application be confidential?

Yes. 100% of applications will be confidential.

Since our lists consist of both resume writing services who have applied and also resume writing services that our research team has found, nobody will be able to differentiate if a company on our list has applied to be a part of it or not. 

Who is eligible to apply?

The Best Resume Service – US + CA award is open to individuals and organizations that offer resume writing services in the United States and Canada. It is completely free to apply.

Whether you are an individual resume writer who is just starting out or a team of resume writers we’d love to learn more about the services you provide. Any resume writing individual or organization who thinks they provide a great quality service is encouraged to apply.

When can I apply?

Best Resume Service enrollment begins annually on May 1st. Enrollment will remain open until July 31st. 

We will not begin to review applications until after July 31st when all applications have been received. This allows our research team to conduct proper due diligence in the months leading up to the new year.

When will winners be notified?

All Best Resume Service award winners will be notified on or before October 15th.

Our research team will attempt to contact each winner individually, ensuring that we have the correct information. If we do not hear back from the winners before November 1st, we will attempt to gather all remaining information on our own.

Is it possible to be featured on a list without applying? 

Yes. As mentioned above, there will be no way to identify if a resume writing service on our list was featured based solely on our research, or if they provided information to us via our online application form. We recommend providing us with information directly so that we can have the most accurate information.

What is the Best Resume Service badge? 

The Best Resume Service badge is one of the highest honors that a resume writer can receive. These badges will cover dozens of locations, industries, and professions. Unlike other “certifications” that are essentially a “pay-to-play” award, our Best Resume Service badges are designed to truly honor those in the resume industry who provide the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. 

Submit Your Application!

To apply for the Best Resume Service award, please set aside 15-30 minutes to complete our application.

Applications will not be accepted outside of the application enrollment period (May 1 – July 31).

Please view our Terms of Use and particularly the “Best Resume Service Award Application” section before applying.