As an attorney or legal professional, you can guarantee your resume will be held to a higher standard.

You didn’t spend tens of thousands of dollars in law school to graduate and then build your own resume with a $9.99 per month resume building software.

The reality is, attorneys live in a very competitive market.

With more attorneys than jobs, it’s never been more important to have a resume that reflects your value.

But this article isn’t just for attorneys. It’s for all legal professionals. Below we’ll share resume samples for attorneys, general counsel, senior corporate counsel, and even legal assistants.

Whether you are looking to receive inspiration from the resume samples below, or you’d like to find the best companies who write legal/attorney resumes, we’ve got you covered.

Attorney Resume FAQs

How are attorney resumes different from non-attorney resumes?

Legal resumes require a finesse that is not required for all resume types. Due to the confidential nature of your work, legal/attorney resumes require the perfect balance of information and confidentiality. Knowing how to properly display accomplishments in a “creative” fashion without infringing on any confidentiality issues takes a talent that not everyone has.

What if I am not an attorney but I am a legal professional? Is this article still for me?

Absolutely! This article is relevant for all legal professionals, not just attorneys. If you keep reading, you’ll find a legal assistant resume sample as well as various other resources that we feel would be valuable for all legal careers.

How much do attorney resumes typically cost?

We’ve listed 7 companies below who have great experience writing legal resumes. All but one of these companies list their package costs. The range was $225 – $6795 which provides a huge range of options to fit just about any budget. The average cost for a legal/attorney resume package was about $500 – $1,000. If you are looking for a legal assistant role, you could expect to pay on the lower end of this range. While a general counsel with 20+ years of experience may expect to pay on the higher end.

How can I tell if my legal resume is Applicant Tracking System (ATS) compatible?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are software programs designed to aid with the hiring process. If your resume includes charts, images, or graphics, it’s very likely your resume will be rejected by the ATS. While charts, images, and graphics can make your resume stand out, they don’t always play nicely with applicant tracking systems. Don’t get fooled by fancy designs. If you hire a professional, make sure to ask if their resumes are ATS compatible.

Legal Assistant Resume Sample

Legal Assistants are a lawyer’s right hand. They support lawyers at law firms and private practices by creating and maintaining legal files, doing research and writing the first draft of many documents.

Legal assistant compensation can range drastically but according to a 2021 report by, legal assistants’ average pay is $50,664 per year.

Legal Assistant jobs are extremely competitive and because of that, your resume needs to be top-notch.

Below is a legal assistant resume sample courtesy of Find My Profession:

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Attorney Resume Sample

In the simplest terms, an attorney, or lawyer, is someone who is appointed to act for another in business or legal matters.

Attorney compensation can range drastically but according to a 2020 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a lawyer’s median pay is $126,930 per year.

Whether you are practicing banking law, commercial law, corporate, criminal, family, media, or public law, you can guarantee that your resume will be heavily scrutinized.

Below is an attorney resume sample courtesy of Find My Profession:

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Senior Corporate Counsel Resume Sample

A senior corporate counsel is part of an organization’s executive legal team. Responsibilities include negotiating and drafting various business contracts and service agreements, such as finance agreements, acquisition agreements, and joint venture agreements.

Senior corporate counsel salary can range drastically but according to a 2021 report by Glassdoor, a senior corporate counsel’s average base pay is $183,180 per year.

With many motivated high-achieving attorneys looking to transition into a corporate counsel role, it’s important to have a resume that properly highlights your abilities.

Below is a senior corporate counsel resume sample courtesy of Find My Profession:

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General Counsel Resume Sample

A General Counsel also known as a chief counsel or chief legal officer is the main lawyer who gives legal advice to a company. This role is essentially the top of the food chain when it comes to legal careers.

General counsel salary can range drastically but according to a 2021 report by Glassdoor, a general counsel’s average base pay is $175,640 per year.

Acquiring a GC role is extremely competitive. For every general counsel job opening, there could be 100s of applicants. Make sure your resume sets you apart from the crowd (in a good way).

Below is a general counsel resume sample courtesy of Find My Profession:

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Top Skills for Legal and Attorney Resumes

Each profession will generally have a well-known set of skills associated with it. For example, if you are an accountant, you better be pretty great at crunching numbers. If you are a salesperson, you should be fairly extraverted and high-energy.

But what about legal professionals?

If you are crafting a resume with the intention of receiving positive results, it’s important to take a close look at your resume skills section.

We’ve listed some of the most popular resume skills for legal professionals and attorneys:

Top Skills for Legal & Attorney Resumes
Hard Skills Tech Skills Soft Skills
Management eDiscovery Relationship Building
Corporate Law Computerized Litigation Support Service Orientation
Legal Writing Document Management Software Teamwork
Mergers & Acquisitions Microsoft Office Leadership
Legal Research Westlaw Oral Communication
Litigation Electronic File Management Written Communication
Corporate Governance Secure Data Management Client Service
Intellectual Property Clio Time Management
Contract Negotiation ProLaw Problem Solving
Licensing Timeslips Public Speaking

7 Best Legal/Attorney Resume Services

There are only a handful of resume writing services that we were able to find who boast their legal resume writing abilities.

To make your life easier, we’ve included each of these legal resume services below, along with the cost of each attorney resume writer.

Best Resume Services for Legal Professionals:

Click on any of the links above to be taken directly to the legal resume service.

How to Choose a Legal Resume Writer

We get it. Selecting a legal resume service is easier said than done. However, you are in luck.

Since crafting legal resumes is such a niche skillset, your options are somewhat limited.

Among the 7 legal resume services listed above, there are only a handful of questions to ask yourself and/or your potential writer.

What’s my budget?

Is the cost a factor in determining who your attorney resume writer will be? If so, narrow down the list to include only the services in your price range.

Do I like the legal resume samples?

Have you reviewed each of the company’s resume samples to determine if you even like what the finished product looks like? Most of the websites above have resume samples featured on their website. If they don’t, what are they ashamed of?

What are my writers’ credentials?

Call up each of the companies you are considering and find out who your writer will be. Does your writer have experience writing for legal professionals like yourself?

What exactly am I paying for?

If you are debating between a $1,000 service and a $3,000 service, ask yourself, “what exactly am I paying for?” Just because a writer was an attorney, doesn’t mean they are better equipped at writing a legal resume than a non-attorney. After all, you are an attorney and you are considering hiring a resume writer. Keep in mind that experience writing attorney resumes is far more useful than actually having been an attorney when it comes to legal resume writing.

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