8 Bad Things to Say in a Job Interview

8 Bad Things to Say in a Job Interview

With all the job boards available it is possible to apply to more than 1000 jobs a year. So, when that hiring manager calls, make sure you know these bad things to say in a job interview. Then, never say them. Make the best of all the hard work you are putting into finding a job. Stick to the right things to say in a job interview. The worst job interview answers are those that paint a negative picture of you.

1. “It’s on my resume, just look at that.”

Bad things to say in a job interview usually come from not understanding that the hiring manager called you because of your resume. They know what is on it. The worst job interview answers sound like, “You do it.”

The right things to say in a job interview involve you explaining everything you have on your resume. We live in an age where people can copy what they find on Google. Hiring managers are aware of this.

That is also why the worst job interview answers sound like you are justifying your claims to be something you copied from Google.

2. “My last boss was a fool” 

Bad things to say in a job interview include ripping on your old boss. Companies and hiring managers often use past behaviors as indicators of the future. If you go into an interview and start badmouthing a former boss, they will assume you will repeat such behavior one day if the company hires you.

3. “I left my last job because of how they treated me”

Some of the worst job interview answers come in the form of making yourself sound like a victim of another company’s treatment as if you never had a choice to leave.

The answer also scares companies away from you. We live in a day and age when business reputation is of great importance. If you appear to be a risk to a company’s reputation, they will avoid you.

Statements like this immediately trigger alarms during a job interview. The right things to say in a job interview are things that make it sound like you will collaborate, never complain in the office, and be easy to work with.

4. “I have been job hunting for a while.”

The sad reality is the longer you stay unemployed, the tougher it is to be hired again. That is what makes this one of the worst answers to say in a job interview. You want to appear desirable and attractive to every company. Many recruiters and hiring managers recommend consulting or volunteering to keep your job skills sharp.

More so, you don’t want the hiring manager to start thinking it is a wise business move to not hire you, just like every other company that interviewed with you.

5. “I am going to need to take some days off”

Hold the phone! You do not even have the job, yet, and you are already planning days off! Honesty is great but you do not have to reveal all your intentions. Some forms of honesty can be considered “too much information”. You do not want to scare the company away by making a first-impression as someone who always needs days off.

6. “Tell me what you do here.”

You applied to work for the company. You should already have an idea of what they do. Research the company before every job interview. The worst job interview answers also show you as someone who just wants a paycheck and could care less where he/she works.

7. "Man" "Sup" "No problem" 

Profanity and informal slang is a big mistake. Dropping F-bombs during a job interview is never one of the right things to say in a job interview. Using informal slang is a sign you are not aware of what it means to speak professionally.

Phrases like “Man”, “No problemo”, “Sup”, “It’s all good” etc. sound as if you get too familiar with people too fast, and on an unprofessional level. In an interview, you are supposed to represent that you know how to be professional.

Getting too familiar or too informal makes you appear socially awkward, even if you were only trying to be friendly.

8. “No, I don’t have any questions.”

Job interviews usually end with the hiring manager asking if you have any questions. To say, “No, I do not”, indicates a lack of interest in the job on your part. There are some great questions you can ask at the end of an interview to show a company you really want to work with them.

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