7 Simple Mistakes to Avoid During a LinkedIn Profile Makeover

7 Simple Mistakes to Avoid During a LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Social Media has changed the world. Whether you like it or not, it appears that it is here to stay!

Although LinkedIn has been around for years, many people do not take advantage of all the features at their disposal.

Make sure you are aware of these 7 simple mistakes to avoid during a LinkedIn profile makeover.

Pose for the Camera!

Regardless of your thoughts, it is very important to have a profile photo. You do not need to go out and get professional headshots taken (although, I am not judging those that do). A person is much more likely to pass up your profile if you do not have a picture. If this is you, don’t worry.

I was that guy once too! Have someone snap a headshot (above the shoulders) of you, it is that simple. See 5 Tips For A Perfect LinkedIn Profile Photo for more details about adding a profile photo for your LinkedIn profile makeover!

Whatever picture you choose, NO DUCK LIPS! An unprofessional photo is worse than no picture. Trust me when I say that LinkedIn is different than the standard social media sites. We will describe the difference a little later.

Can I Have Your Number?

I was told growing up that you should not provide personal contact info on the internet. Well, if you are using LinkedIn during your job search, at least provide your email address. It’s pretty tough for a recruiter to reach you if you don’t provide your information.

But what about the private message feature? That’s great and all, but recruiters are limited to the number of InMails they can send. Make it easy for them and provide your contact info by adding your contact info to your LinkedIn profile makeover.

While you're at it, customize your LinkedIn URL! This looks much better than the random series of numbers and letters you are given originally.

How’s Your Headline?

It is important to separate yourself from the average user on LinkedIn. Your headline is one of the first things that someone will see if your profile comes up in a search. You must be strategic in choosing the appropriate headline for your LinkedIn profile makeover. Be careful what you read because I see more bad headlines than good.

Sample Headlines

  • Worst: “Desktop Support Technician at Stuff & Junk”
  • O.K.: “Desktop Support Technician in Market Leader in Retail.”
  • Best: “Desktop Support Technician in Market Leader in Retail. Gadget Enthusiast.”

For more on LinkedIn Headlines, check out LinkedIn Headline Ideas That Don’t Suck.

Don’t Forget Keywords!

If you have read anything about a resume makeover, you know that keywords are too important to ignore. Your LinkedIn profile is a lot like your resume in many ways. So check out How To Use Resume Keywords When Applying For Jobs and apply these lessons to your LinkedIn profile makeover. For recruiters to find you, they search certain keywords commonly used in a given industry. For them to click on your profile, you need those words! I am assuming you get the picture.

If you are struggling to find keywords for your line of work, a simple google search will show you the way. These keywords will bring recruiters straight to your profile.

Is Your Summary Off Track?

For some reason, someone made it cool to write your resume summary in the third person… Lame, I know! Luckily for you, your LinkedIn Profile Summary can be in the first person. This is your chance to brag a little so don’t be afraid to list your accomplishments! Stick to 3-5 paragraphs of your most relevant and flattering career experience.

As stated before, your LinkedIn should mirror what is on your resume. Make sure your work experience lines up with what is on your resume.

Don’t invent positions that do not appear on your resume as you will be called out in an interview.

Using LinkedIn Like Facebook

This happens all the time, especially in and around the 2016 Presidential Election. There is a reason why LinkedIn is considered a PROFESSIONAL social media site. This is not the place to share the pictures of your weekend hangout with your buddies. Your LinkedIn profile should be used to grow your professional network in order to advance your career.

On that note, be cautious about linking your LinkedIn profile with your other social media pages. Nothing will stop a recruiter in their tracks like a link to your profanity-ridden Facebook page.

I suggest limiting access to any pictures a hiring manager can judge you on. I promise your efforts will be rewarded in the long run!

Pointless Connections

It is true that you should not add just anyone to your network on LinkedIn. But, I would rephrase that a bit to state you can add anyone who has connections in your industry. If you feel someone may be a valuable connection, add them!

Some think that you should only add who you know personally, but networking is all about meeting new people. The worst a person can do is not add you back, but don’t be a creeper and continue pursuing an individual.

The first few hundred connections are very important! This is what determines who LinkedIn suggests for you to add. If you add a bunch of non-industry specific connections, that will do you no good. For more on LinkedIn networking tips, see LinkedIn Networking Tips For Job Seekers!

Now that you know what to avoid, start your LinkedIn profile makeover! If you have further struggles or questions regarding a LinkedIn profile makeover, trust the pros at Find My Profession. We have a team of professionals that specialize in optimizing your LinkedIn profile for the perfect LinkedIn Makeover

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