7 Character Traits of Executives

7 Character Traits of Executives

If you ask anyone what they think a successful company should be doing, they will have an answer for you.

So, why is it that executive positions make up only 8% of the jobs in the US?

Part of the reason has to do with executives having these character traits that most employees do not.

Read and find out if you are an executive at heart.

7. They Stick up for What They Believe in Regardless of What Others Think or Say

Business executives are often viewed as cold, relentless, and unforgiving because they rarely change what they strongly believe in.

Executives tick a lot of people off this way, but in their mind, it is for the greater good.

They are the types who lead companies because they believe in themselves so much so they are rarely thwarted by public opinion.

Needless to say, they are great to have on your side or can be your worst enemy.

It takes a lot to change the mind of an executive who believes strongly in something.

6. They Believe Rewards, Success, and Acknowledgment Are Earned Through Hard Work

Executives are strong believers in building character through hard work.

They believe hard work is a way to lead by example and are known for demonstrating dedication and honesty in their work.

More so, they reject attempts to cut corners, cheat, or appear lazy.

5. They Always Think About Strategies

Executives can see a bigger picture of where a ship is headed and how all parts are responsible for the direction being taken.

They have a strategic vision and can see when daily tasks or projects will eventually lead to success or will just be time wasted.

Executives know what tasks and projects will serve their bigger goals both in work and life.

It is rare that someone can get an executive to break from a vision.

4. Executives Always Influence Change

There is no possible way to climb a corporate ladder without the ability to influence others.

Executives on a career path to success know they need everyone on board.

They can keep people inspired during the dark times.

They have no problem taking center stage while sharing credit during the good times.

3. They Have Highly Advanced Soft Skills

Soft skills allow a person to interact with others harmoniously.

In today’s business market, an executive in charge of an established corporation can be thrust into the spotlight over something on social media.

This is where the executive’s soft skills will come into play.

An executive with strong soft skills will be less likely to hurt a company’s reputation or offend customers.

They also possess a high EQ (ie. emotional intelligence) and know how to communicate under stress.

2. Executives Are Loyal, Patient, and Reliable

Executives look at stability and security as very important.

When they declare they will do something, they do it.

They are usually the most reliable members of a community or company and someone people can lean on.

1. They Have an Executive Presence

To succeed at higher levels, you have to be able to hold your own with other executives.

Confidence, self-assurance, and composure in difficult situations are all part of an executive presence.

If you can make tough decisions with a calm demeanor, you may just be an executive with the mindset required for leading a company.

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