5 Websites for Finding Remote Work

5 Websites for Finding Remote Work

Are you sick of your commute?

Have you decided to leave the office behind and settle into remote work?

If so, congratulations!

Deciding to work remotely is a big decision, but it can have a lot of benefits.

Working remotely allows you to avoid a long commute, wear comfy clothes, and work anywhere in the world with a computer and internet connection.

But you may find yourself asking, “Where can I find remote work?”

If you are ready to make the switch to working from home, your best option is to get connected to a job board that specializes in remote work.

Browse the boards and see what opportunities are available to you.

The following websites can help you start your journey to working remotely.

5. FlexJobs

5 Websites for Finding Remote Work

FlexJobs offers a massive database of remote, freelance, or flexible jobs.

They offer jobs in 55 different career categories with positions that range from entry-level to executive.

To weed out fake job postings, FlexJobs curates every job and company to make sure they are professional, high-quality positions with flexible options.

Aren’t ready to make the jump to fully remote work?

You can also find flexible jobs that offer partly remote options.

However, to fully access the site and apply for jobs, you have to pay a membership fee of $14.95 per month.

4. Jobspresso

5 Websites for Finding Remote Work

If you are looking for only remote positions, Jobspresso is a great place to start.

Jobspresso offers jobseekers a curated list of high-quality remote jobs.

All jobs posted to Jobspresso are hand-picked, reviewed, and expertly curated. They cover positions in tech, marketing, customer service, and creative fields.

Jobspresso also works with big companies such as: 

  • Microsoft 
  • InVision 
  • Amazon 
  • Reddit 
  • Github

Best of all, it’s free.

You can view daily job updates and read articles by following them on Twitter.

3.  We Work Remotely

5 Websites for Finding Remote Work

We Work Remotely is a popular online job board for seekers who are looking for jobs that aren’t restricted by commutes or particular geographic areas.

They claim to be one of the first remote-only job boards established and the largest remote-only work communities.

They offer several job categories such as marketing, programming, DevOps, management, design, and more.

Companies such as Zapier, Hubstaff, GoDaddy, and Hotjar post jobs on We Work Remotely. The board updates content frequently.

You can also get jobs in your field emailed to you daily.

2.  Remotive

5 Websites for Finding Remote Work

Remotive is a great resource for workers looking to go remote.

They offer a great job board with jobs in engineering, human resources, marketing, sales, and support.

You can find work with companies like Github, Twitch, Buffer, and others.

Not only can you find a great remote job, but Remotive also offers a community for remote workers with the option to join their community of workers on Slack.

You can subscribe to their newsletter or check out Remotive's resources for remote workers on their blog.

1.  Working Nomads

5 Websites for Finding Remote Work

Working Nomads offers a great list of remote options for job seekers interested in moving to remote work.

Working Nomads offers a curated list of interesting remote jobs in a variety of areas. You can search for jobs in design, development, consulting, and more.

If you want to avoid searching through the listings yourself, you can elect to have Working Nomads email you a list of positions in your desired field.

Many jobs focus on the tech field, such as web developer and software engineer.

There are also positions in customer service, sales, and writing.

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