5 Signs You Were Meant to be a CEO

5 Signs You Were Meant to be a CEO

You are not only interested in becoming a CEO one day, you believe you are a CEO today! Employers just need to wake up and realize it. But everyone who wants to be a CEO is not CEO material. Here are 5 signs you were meant to be CEO whether you know it or not.

First things first

There is no such thing as, “Becoming a successful CEO without doing any work”. Many people tried in the past and many learned buying business cards does not make you a CEO. Even if you agree with this list below and think, “Hey! That’s me!” the hustle is still required and very real. You have to put the time in. And when you do, you will have a greater appreciation for your success and career longevity.

1. You can execute plans and get results

Whether it be a lemonade stand, selling cookies for charity, running a fantasy football league, or your first job managing a retail store...the only thing you have ever know is getting results. You know how to create and achieve realistic goals with impressive financial results.

2. Motivating people comes easy to you

Not everyone has the power to motivate others. Some are great at bossing others around, assigning blame and threatening, but motivating others through fear is a short-lived strategy for success.

For some reason, you naturally motivate others in a positive way that keeps people working whether you are present or absent. People are excited to work for you and feel passionate about it. They work hard to make you happy and achieve great results.

3. Your curiosity knows no bounds

Even though your formal education ended years ago that has not stopped you from learning. You earned certifications, earned a Masters in something, learned a language when you needed to and took a few leadership programs. Why not? Oh...and you traveled, painted, took photography lessons and learned how to sew.

True story: The previous paragraph references a real-life CEO. Just like the CEO mentioned, you understand that if you want to do something in your career, then new knowledge must be learned. And you do not mind learning it at all. You will never call yourself a “genius”. You are just curious and determined.

4. You are as confident as you are humble

You are confident enough to admit: No one knows everything. It is a fact, so you keep an open-mind and possess the drive to find the best answers even when the answers are not yours. You are humble enough to admit mistakes and confident people will rise to the occasion, always showing up to do their best work as a result.

You are aware that leaders with humility are engaging and give others a sense of identity and purpose.

5. You are empathetic and a great communicator

As a great communicator, you know how to connect and relate to others as human beings, not just a “boss”. Whether it be an entry-level mailroom clerk or a CFO, you know how to communicate with everyone and clearly communicate without generating confusion. You can manage any department at any time and it does not matter how little you know. You can communicate and relate to others.

Why everyone cannot be a CEO

It is said there are three types of CEO:

  • The Small Company CEO who loves the trenches, being hands-on, and establishing identity
  • The Medium Company CEO who focuses on processes and new priorities for growth
  • The Large Company CEO who strategizes, develops and maintains corporate culture

At the end of the day, there are people who are none of the three above. They are neither small team leaders who get their hands dirty nor corporate developers and strategists. Some become CEO simply because they do not like having a boss. Ultimately, as time goes on, those that remain their own boss longer realize it takes more than just “wanting to be your own boss” to be a CEO.

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