5 Reasons Why You are Not Getting Hired

5 Reasons Why You are Not Getting Hired

There are many reasons why you are not getting hired.

But don't give up! You can be encouraged to know that, in many cases, there are things you can do to increase your chances of getting hired.

In this post, I divide the reasons you are not getting hired into two categories.

Category 1: Reasons you cannot control

Some reasons for not getting hired you have no control over.

Dealing with reasons out of your control is easy because, in these cases, you usually know why you were not hired.

For instance, something crazy caused you to miss an interview.

When there is nothing you can do, you simply continue job searching.

Category 2: Reasons within your control

These reasons are tougher to accept because you have to take responsibility.

It is not fun to admit, especially when the first category is so easy to fall back on.

You can blame everyone else all day for not getting hired, but it still does not change the reasons why you are not getting hired, so just move on!

These reasons within your control will be the main focus of this post. 

Here are five main reasons, within your control, you are not getting hired.

1. You did not research the company pre-interview

Applying online for jobs is nothing more than filling out forms.

Sometimes you get into the flow of job applications that you fail to take the vital step of researching each company.

If you get yourself into an interview situation but never bothered to look up what the company does, the job interview will end badly at some point.

  • They might bring up something about the company that bothers you
  • Or you have no answer to an interview question because you lack basic info.

You just wanted to get hired and get paid, but they'll see it differently. 

The bottom line: You should have checked out the company beforehand.

2. You are not being realistic 

You see a job opening and, regardless of whether you have the skills and experience outlined in the job description, you apply for it immediately.

Now, it is great to think big!

You can view yourself as the next Vice President of a well-known global company.

However, there is one thing you forgot: your competition.

Namely, the experience or relevant skills the other job seekers possess.

  • You might think, “It is a great job and I can learn how to do it.”
  • Meanwhile, your competition is proving why they should be hired.

Sometimes, you have to be realistic and accept there is more you must accomplish in your career before applying to certain jobs.

3. You display "attitude" in job interviews 

You may be the most highly skilled, incredible person on planet Earth.

But if you get into a job interview and start coming across as bitter, frustrated, negative, or argumentative, you will scare hiring managers into not hiring you.

They need to know you will work well within the company.

Present yourself as someone who gets along well with others.

4. You are applying to all the wrong jobs

This happens quite often when you apply for jobs based on the job title alone.

Example: the job title "Program Manager” is used across many industries, yet the job descriptions are not the same between healthcare, media, finance, etc.

Make sure you read the job description before applying to jobs.

This doubly applies if you seem to never hear back from companies.

Their silence is feedback itself into why you are not getting hired.

5. You are talking too much in job interviews

In the spirit of this reason for not getting hired, I will keep it short and sweet.

  • Stick to explaining why you should be hired based on the job description.
  • Avoid rambling on about irrelevant topics.

Talking too much in job interviews sends a message that you lack focus.

That is all.

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