5 Reasons It Pays to Get Help Applying for Jobs

5 Reasons It Pays to Get Help Applying for Jobs

Every job seeker would improve their chances of landing that dream job by using services like Find My Profession

In fact, there are 5 reasons why it pays to use this service.

1. You save time searching online job boards

I Googled the phrase “I need a job” for this blog post and yielded a staggering 929,000,000 results!

However, many online job boards are content aggregate websites.

In other words, they exist only to take content from another website and place it on their own.

  • You need another set of eyes watching job boards.
  • It's not easy to know the difference between legit job boards and content aggregate sites!

The perfect job application you sent in today could have gone to waste if you placed it on a content aggregate site rather than a legitimate job board.

Find My Profession applies to jobs online for you, which saves you time.

You can use this saved time to:

  1. Construct a cover letter for positions that require it
  2. Create an account on a company website to fill out an application

In short, you get more done by getting help.

2. You can effectively target your resume 

The old saying goes, “A person who represents himself has a fool for a client.” 

Hiring trends will change frequently throughout your career.

On average, a worker may change jobs 10 times before age 40.

In fact, today’s up-and-coming workforce will likely see an average of 15 job changes before the age of 40.

Hiring trends, however, change every year.  

The resume that got you a great job three years ago may be out of date.

  • It may not be compatible with the technology used by recruiters.
  • It may need revised formatting and updated keywords to stay relevant.

Often, the only way to discover what works (and what doesn't) is by applying for jobs through job boards.

If your resume gets turned down or overlooked time and again, you're probably doing something wrong.

Fortunately, recruiters at Find My Profession are aware of changing trends.

They can assist in important aspects of your job search such as helping you present a professional resume on LinkedIn.

3. Get advice on sketchy job descriptions

Less-than-desirable hiring companies often use specific keywords out of context to garner more job applicants.

Applicants discover, after applying, that the job description was misleading.

Phrases like “brand management” may describe a job for “street promotions,” while these two jobs require completely different skill sets.

I saw a recent series of postings on a popular job board under the title, “Customer Service Manager.” 

After investigating, the jobs turned out to be for ...

  1. Independent telemarketing 
  2. A work-from-home position
  3. Handing out food samples at a supermarket chain 

The word “manager” was being used to describe people managing their own workloads, which is something we all do.

However, we are not all “managers." 

Words taken out of context can lead to hours of misleading job interviews.

Find My Profession has your best interest in mind while applying to jobs for you.

In order to save yourself from time-wasters, you have the opportunity to 

  • Discuss what should go on a resume   
  • Discuss questions you have about job boards

Websites like Glassdoor are useful for business reviews, but you may also have to contend with false reviews contributed by company employees.

4. The opportunity to "A/B test" resumes

In order to do A/B testing I use the following:

  1. My resume from Find My Profession.
  2. My presentation of a resume that I use on my own.

Now, of course, we know resumes are subjected to recruiters' personal opinions.

I have applied for jobs and changed up the presentation of my resume.

By doing this, I discovered different parts of the world seemed more attracted to certain styles of resume presentations than others.

Note: Giving appropriate credit, the resume I worked on with Find My Profession has led to the most job interviews.

In the process, I learned that a move may be required for my career transition; the west coast of the United States may be my next land of opportunity!

5. You avoid loads of spam

Many online job postings ask you to share your personal information and email.

It might sound like a great “job opportunity,” but within minutes you are hounded with spam.

You are offered services and online education programs.

What just happened?

You just gave your information to a sales representative by mistake.

It's no easy task to stop the spam; the “unsubscribe” button is useless.

This does not happen with Find My Profession.

The more I talk with Find My Profession, the more I learn about the differences between real job opportunities and spam job listings.

It is unfortunate that many websites pose as job boards and then spam you.

But because it does happen, it pays to know what you are looking at before you offer up your personal information.

In closing

Searching for work online is a full-time job.

The process involves rejection and can feel long and drawn out.

It is important to have real help during a job hunt to combat the feelings that come with a full-time job of being rejected ... until you find your dream job.

You also receive reassurance that you are not in the job-seeking game alone.

After all, your success matters as much to you as it does to Find My Profession.

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