5 Reasons It Pays to Get Help Applying for Jobs

5 Reasons It Pays to Get Help Applying for Jobs

Every job seeker would improve their chances of landing that dream job by using services like Find My Profession. There are 5 reasons why it pays to use this service.

1. It saves time when you have another set of eyes watching job boards

I Googled, “I need a job”, for this blog post and yielded a staggering 929,000,000 results! However, many online job boards are content aggregate websites. They exist only to take content from another website and place it on their own. You need another set of eyes watching job boards to know the difference between legit job boards and content aggregate sites! The one perfect job application you sent in today on an aggregate website could have gone to waste.

Find My Profession applies to jobs online for you which saves you time. The time you save can be used for job applications asking you to construct a cover letter.

Others will ask you to create an account on their business’ website to fill out a new job application form.

2. Targeting your online resume for job boards and LinkedIn

The old saying goes, “A person who represents himself has a fool for a client”. Hiring trends change more frequently throughout our careers than most people spend job seeking. On average a worker may change jobs 10 times before age 40. Today’s workforce will see an average of 15 job changes before age 40. Hiring trends, however, change every year.  

Therefore, the resume that helped you nail down a great job 3 years ago may be out of date. It may not be friendly with the technology used by recruiters. The usage of format and keywords in resumes changes as well. Recruiters at Find My Profession are aware of changing trends in hiring.

Job seekers discover what works on resumes when applying for jobs through job boards. They discover the importance of presentation of a resume on platforms such as LinkedIn.

3. You have someone to discuss the sketchy side of online job applications

Less than desirable hiring companies often use specific keywords out of context to garner more job applicants. Job applicants often discover after applying that the job description was misleading. Words like “brand management” can be used in job descriptions for “street promotions”. However, these jobs are completely different and require two different skill sets.

For example, I saw a recent series of job postings on a popular job board under the job title, “Customer Service Manager”. After investigating, the jobs turned out to be for an independent telemarketing work from home and handing out food samples at a supermarket chain. The word “manager” is being used to describe people managing their own workloads, which is something we all do. We are not all “managers”, however. Words taken out of context can lead to hours of misleading job interviews for entry-level positions.

Find My Profession applies to jobs having your best interest in mind. Prior to doing so, job seekers have discussions with Find My Profession about what should go on a resume to avoid such situations.  This requires discussions about “what is happening on job boards”. Websites like Glassdoor are useful for business reviews, but you contend with false reviews contributed by company employees.

4. The opportunity to do A/B testing of resumes

In order to do A/B testing I have the following:

  1. My resume from Find My Profession which I trust is getting out there. It is the representation of what I want out of my next job.
  2. My presentation of a resume which I use on my own.

Resumes are subjected to personal recruiter’s opinion. I apply for jobs on my own and change up the presentation. By doing this, I discovered different parts of the world seemed more attracted to certain styles of resume presentations than others.

Note: Giving appropriate credit, the resume I worked on with Find My Profession has led to the most job interviews. In the process, I learned a move to a new city may be required for my career transition. The west coast of the United States may be my next land of opportunity!

5. The simplest reason why: avoiding spam.

Many online job postings ask you to share your personal information and email when applying. Sounds like a great “job opportunity”, but within minutes you are hounded with spam. You are offered services and online education programs. You just gave your information to a sales representative by mistake. It then becomes next to impossible to stop the spam and the “Unsubscribe” button is useless.

This does not happen with Find My Profession. The more I talk with Find My Profession the more I learn about the differences between real job opportunities and spam job listings. Find My Profession is a human company.

It is unfortunate that many websites pose as job boards and then spam you, but it does happen. It simply pays to know what you are looking at before you forfeit your personal information.

In closing

Searching for work online is a full-time job. The process involves rejection and can feel long and drawn out.

It is important to keep human assistance in your life during a job hunt to combat the feelings that come with a full-time job of being rejected until you find your dream job. You receive reassurance that you are not in the job seeking game alone.

After all, your success matters as much to you as it does to Find My Profession.

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