5 Major Signs It’s Time for a Professional Resume Makeover

5 Major Signs It’s Time for a Professional Resume Makeover

Whether you have been job hunting for a week or a year, it’s no fun.

I have yet to meet somebody who wakes up in the morning and says, “I sure can’t wait to apply for jobs today!”

All jokes aside, this is a serious matter.

Finding a good job involves two important elements: time and effort.

Don’t make the process even harder for yourself by using a low-quality resume.

But wait, how do you know if the problem is your resume?

It could be so many other things!

In this article, we are going to break down the five major signs it’s time for a professional resume makeover.

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1. You Have Used the Same Resume for Years

If you belong to that rare group of individuals who have kept the same job for over five years then it's probably time for a resume makeover.

Believe it or not, a lot can change in five years.

Just like you have grown in your career, the resume is forever changing.

As an old wave of hiring managers reach retirement, a new generation is rising.

Some say this is a “lazy” generation. Others call it an “efficient” generation.

Whatever your opinion is, this doesn’t change the facts.

Resumes will go out of style faster than your cell phone.

If you are not staying up to date with the latest resume trends, it will be a lot harder to find a job.

  • It’s not always that your resume style or formatting is out of date.
  • It could be more about the content.

Companies are constantly changing the names and responsibilities of positions.

It would behoove you to adjust the wording in your resume accordingly.

Compare it against open jobs you are interested in and adopt their keywords.

(See the Professional Resume Style - Headers, Fonts, & Themes.)

2. Your Resume Is Above Three Pages

Whoa, a three-page resume. Really?

Any resume over two pages is a little excessive.

I don’t care how senior you are.

It might be my “lazy” millennial mindset, but I sure don’t want to read a five-page resume.

And I am one of the few people I know that enjoy reading!

If your resume is over two pages, start working on a resume makeover.

You can do it yourself or use a professional resume or CV writing service.

What matters is that you get it done.

  • Your resume isn’t designed to appeal to you.
  • It’s for the hiring manager, recruiter, and anyone involved in the hiring process.
  • Instead of thinking about what you want to see, consider the employer.

If I see a resume that's three pages, I am crumpling it into a ball and reading three one-page resumes in the same amount of time.

I call that being “efficient.” 

Again, whether you agree with this or not, it doesn’t matter.

I am just trying to give you some perspective on what recruiters and hiring managers are doing these days.

I am not saying this is the right way to do things, but when you receive 250 applicants for the same position, you need some sort of elimination process.

(What can you eliminate after reading How To Write A Professional Resume?)

3. You Receive Rejection Emails Within Days 

In my opinion, this is the worst!

You spend all this time applying for a job only to receive an automated rejection email within days ... sometimes hours.

What nerve these companies have! Did they even read your resume?

Do you really want to know the answer?

The answer is, “probably not.”

“So you are telling me I spent an hour filling out their application and they didn’t even look over it?”

Sadly, yes.

Most of the time when you are receiving a response within days or hours, it is sent from an ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

This software scans your application, determines whether you are a good fit, and spits back out a yes or no.

  • Why are you receiving a no?
  • What can you do to fix it?

Great questions!

This is where resume or CV writing services come in handy.

Staying up to date with the latest resume trends, keywords, buzzwords, and applicant tracking systems is a full-time job in itself.

It is extremely important to optimize your resume in every way possible towards the specific job and industry you are applying for.

A resume makeover is attainable on your own.

But is this something you want to try to do yourself?

After all, it is your future job and professional well-being at stake.

(Read more about How To Use Resume Keywords When Applying For Jobs.)

4. You Are Changing Industries or Positions

If you are changing industries or trying to move into a completely different position, you might be in for a rough ride.

With companies becoming more and more particular about the people they hire (due to high competition), it’s hard to find a job unless you are the “perfect" fit.

Here's the best thing you can do in this situation:

Think of all ways that your previous experience could relate to the new.

Don’t expect that your salary should stay the same either.

Often, companies are looking for relevant industry experience.

This is why they pay as much as they do.

If you step into something new, it's unrealistic to expect the same pay.

As amazing as your old resume might be, there is no doubt that you will need a resume makeover before applying to completely new positions.

Again, you can definitely do this yourself.

But if you don’t want to, you can find about 1,000 professional resume makeover services more than happy to help.

Finding a professional who has resume writing experience in the specific industry you are looking to get into could be a huge help.

5. You Have Applied to Hundreds of Jobs 

So, have you applied to hundreds of jobs with little to no response?

Don’t be discouraged, because this is a great sign!

Here’s what we know: they have not even given you a fair chance to know if you are a good fit for the position.

In other words, it’s not you who isn’t getting the job.

It’s your resume!

This is a lot better than having no idea why you aren’t getting hired.

If they have never even spoken with you, it’s clear that your resume is in serious need of a makeover.

The resume is half the battle.

Once you start getting phone calls, you might need to brush up on your interviewing skills.

But don’t get ahead of yourself. 

Worry about the interviewing once you start getting calls.

You can be the best interviewee in the world but if you don’t get any interviews, what good will that do?

Closing Thoughts

Throughout this article, we have sprinkled various resume makeover articles to help you move in the right direction.

If you plan to tackle the resume on your own, these articles will be a great start.

But if you'd prefer to leave your resume in the hands of professionals, we can help!

Find My Profession is a top-rated professional resume writing service with a focus on senior and executive-level job seekers.

Job searching is hard enough as it is.

The last thing you want to do is risk being passed up for your dream job because of an outdated resume.

Contact us today and see how we can help you land your dream job.

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