5 Executive Career Services for Six-Figure Earners

5 Executive Career Services for Six-Figure Earners | Find My Profession

Whether you net $100,000 annually or $999,999 there is one thing that is certain; you are a six-figure earner. As a high-income producer, you are expected to create compelling content for your resume and LinkedIn. You are also expected to have exceptional communication skills in and out of the interview.

When it comes to finding the best executive career services, it’s important to locate someone with experience in your field. Equally important, someone with experience working at your seniority level. Sadly, the majority of senior managers, directors, vice presidents, and executives don’t do this. They end up purchasing an “executive career service” such as a resume makeover, LinkedIn makeover, interview training, or career coaching service from some recent college graduate or HR professional who has never once worked with a six-figure earner.

Today, I am going to show you how not to make the same mistake. When it comes to executive career services for six-figure earners, there are only five services that you need to worry about. Below are the five services listed in the order that I believe to be most important.

1. Career Coaching Services

The job market is changing faster than ever making it increasingly difficult to secure a new job. Applicant tracking systems, recruiters, job boards, and all other technology has made job seeking a full-time job in itself.

Combatting this rapidly changing and increasingly frustrating job search process are companies like Find My Profession. Specializing in executive career services for six-figure earners, Find My Profession eliminates the pain associated with job searching.

The Find My Profession team will rewrite your resume, optimize your LinkedIn profile, provide 1-on-1 interview training, and so much more. By so much more, I mean they will actually apply to jobs on your behalf and connect you with hiring managers and decision-makers.

Find My Profession has made the top of this executive career services list because they encompass all five services into one desirable package. For those do it yourself-ers (DIY-ers) who want additional options, check out the 5 Best websites to find six-figure salary jobs.

2. Resume Makeover

The dreaded resume. I have never met somebody who got excited about writing a resume. Not even resume writers! If you are a great resume writer, knowledgeable on keywords and applicant tracking systems, and don’t mind writing your resume, go ahead and skip this section.

If you are like the other 99% of people who don’t care for writing resumes, aren’t knowledgeable on keywords and applicant tracking systems, and would rather pay someone to do the job, then this is one executive career service you could benefit from.

Screen your resume writer

The most important thing to do when researching executive level resume writers is to determine their credentials. Here are four questions that you can ask to screen a potential resume service:

  • Have you written a resume for someone in my industry and seniority level?
  • Can you send me a sample resume that is relevant to my background?
  • How many rounds of edits/revisions am I allotted?
  • Do you offer a satisfaction or money-back guarantee?

The way in which these questions are answered should determine whether they are a good fit. If they send you a resume sample and you aren't sure what to look for, check out these 16 best things to include in a resume.

Find a balance of quality & affordability

Price is also important. If you find an executive-level resume service for $100, that might be a little concerning. Can someone really give you the attention and quality you need to land your next job for $100? On the other hand, some six-figure earners think they need to spend $1000+ for a resume makeover. That’s probably a little high. Try to find something between $300-$800.

Top resume writer companies

At the end of the day, you should do some research outside of my recommendations, but here are a few companies you can start with:

Fiverr, Find My Profession, and The Muse, have various resume writers with specialized backgrounds and experience working with six-figure earners. Find one that resonates with you, ask the questions above, and if everything checks out, go for it!

3. LinkedIn Makeover

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, make one. To be honest, it is impressive that you have become a six-figure earner without a LinkedIn. This is going to be an essential resource for you in your job search. Not only is LinkedIn perfect for getting noticed by recruiters/hiring managers, but it’s also a great place to network. A LinkedIn profile executive career service should provide you with the following:

  • An expert who will take the time to get to know you and your intentions for using the service (job search, personal branding, etc.)
  • A completely optimized profile with an “All-Star” status on LinkedIn
  • A jump start on your networking efforts
  • Custom message templates to send your target audience (bonus)

Just like any executive career service, pricing is going to play a big factor. Don’t assume a LinkedIn makeover costing $1000 is going to be any better than a $100 service. Ask for sample LinkedIn profiles and make sure they are not making any of these 7 simple LinkedIn profile mistakes.

Give the company you are considering a call before you buy. Ask to speak with the individual who will be working on your profile. Drill them a little bit on their background and credentials. You should be able to tell if they are qualified within minutes.

4. Interview Training

The ability to interview well is an extremely valuable and increasingly rare trait. The best way to practice your interviewing skills is to go on as many interviews as possible. The problem is, it’s not always that easy to get interviews.

Sure, you can ask a friend or family member to do some 1-on-1 mock interview practice. Check out this list of the 50 top job interview questions and answers. That might do you a little bit of good. But is that individual an expert on interviewing? Can they provide accurate feedback on what you did right or wrong?

Similar to a resume makeover, it will help to find an interview trainer with knowledge in your field, industry, and experience level. Is a 22-year old sales rep the best person to coach you through your Vice President of whatever interview? Probably not. Find yourself a top-notch interview coach from a business like Find My Profession or search locally on LinkedIn by typing in “interview coach”.

5. Cover Letter Writing

Cover letter writing is a dreaded topic that I thought I would save until the end. While cover letters are not always essential to land your future job, they can help. Considered useful to some, and useless to many, cover letter writing is still one of the most common executive career services around.

If you hate cover letters and you don’t want to use them, simply move on. However, if you find yourself in a situation that requires a cover letter, it’s important to send your best.

Find My Profession does a great job on cover letters and just about every executive career service for six-figure earners. You can also check out sites such as Fiverr, LiveCareer, The Muse, and Ultimus, for additional options. For all the best tips on writing your own cover letter, check out this article explaining how to write a cover letter.

Executive Career Services

You may not need all of these executive career services at once, but it’s important to know you have options. As a senior-level professional in your field, you shouldn’t be expected to be a professional career coach, resume writer, networker, etc. Value your time and find someone who is an expert in these fields. With adequate screening, research, and a little effort, you can find an executive career service that will return 10x your investment.

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