3 Ways to Find a New Job in 2019

3 Ways to Find a New Job in 2019

If you are unhappy in your current position, the idea of finding a new job seems to be on your mind from day 1 of a new year.

It is not easy to just wake up on January 1st and decide, “I am going to get a new job.”  No one gets a job anymore. It takes work and doing creative things no other job seeker does.

We explain 3 ways how to do this when finding a new job in 2019.

Use job boards specifically geared toward your career needs

Job boards, including Google’s job search, can have every filter in the world. However, you still have to know how to search in order to find the job you want.

Even still, it does not mean the job board is attracting employers looking for job seekers like you. You may have specific needs, such as a need to work remotely or experience in a niche industry. Your jobs do not appear everywhere because not many people perform them.

Some examples of job boards geared specifically towards your needs:

  • Remote jobs: Flexjobs & Virtual Vocations
  • Humanitarian jobs: ReliefWeb.com
  • Jobs in the Arts: NYFA.org

If you are looking for work online, your first Google search should be for the job board best suited to your career needs.

Go straight to the source: Career Sections

In a world of spin and marketing, try doing something unique: Go straight to the company you wish to work for and the career section on the website.

You have to do some research, first. Look around Google at the top performing companies working in your favorite industry. Then, look at their competitors.

Scroll to the bottom of every company website. You will find a link to a company job board. The benefit of doing this is that you are putting your name in their company database, much like you would create a LinkedIn profile.

If the company does not have such a section, you can still find the people working at the company on LinkedIn. Message them. It is social media. You are being social in your job search.

Outsource your job search

Find My Profession helps executives with their job search. Having a job and job searching are two very difficult things to manage. After all, you cannot announce to your boss, “Hey, I need time to find a new job, so I can quit.”

Companies like this perform processes such as networking, filling out job applications, resume writing services, interview training, and LinkedIn profile makeovers.

This is a new form of finding a new job. It is highly effective mainly because the staff is helping companies, recruiters, hiring managers and job seekers, all at the same time. More so, the idea of using such a service is creative and saves time. It’s a smart move.

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