3 Useful Tips for Job Seekers on LinkedIn

3 Useful Tips for Job Seekers on LinkedIn

Networking has become a huge part of job searching, and online networking is just the way to go for many positions and industries these days.

Your LinkedIn profile and resume go hand in hand in your quest for a job.

Actually, your LinkedIn profile is almost as important as your professional resume when it comes to foundational job search necessities.

Why is this?

Well, in our technological age, the vast majority of recruiters will take time to view social media profiles to get a better picture of job candidates.

Which social media platform are they most likely to check?


So, knowing how to leverage your image on LinkedIn is important.

We did some research and found these useful tips on making the most of LinkedIn in a way that augments your job searching needs.

Customize Your LinkedIn URL

LinkedIn makes it very easy to customize your URL.

The default URL that LinkedIn provides ends with a string of numbers.

It usually looks something like this:


The best practice for customizing your URL should look something like this:


Isn't that so much easier to remember than all those numbers? 

Customizing your URL is beneficial because it does the following:

  • Makes it easier to find you in searches
  • Helps to boost your credibility
  • Shows you as a professional

After all, you put forth the time and effort to make this change.

It also has a cleaner look that allows you to easily include it on your resume, cover letter, or in an email signature.

(Read How to Customize Your LinkedIn URL.)

Change Your Linkedin Profile Picture

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites, you don’t want to constantly change your profile picture on LinkedIn.

You should choose a clear and professional photo of yourself.

Your LinkedIn profile picture is your way of making a positive first impression.

It is the start of optimizing your profile for your network, companies, and potential employers. You want to look professional and approachable.

Here are a few tips on how to do this.

Dress code

  • Take a look at other profiles of people in your industry. 
  • Dress according to your profession.


  • In addition to wearing the right clothes, wear the right smile.
  • Don't grin like the Cheshire Cat; a moderate, natural smile is best.


  • The photo should not have a distracting or "loud" background.
  • If possible, a blurred or unfocused background is your best choice.
  • This way, your professional image is what stands out.

(Read 6 Tips for a Perfect LinkedIn Profile Photo.)

Use a Catchy Headline

LinkedIn’s default headline is your current job title and employer.

Most people stick with that and don’t even think twice about it again.

Using your job title as your headline is redundant and repetitive.

Job titles can vary depending on the company and employer. The job title of "VP" at one company can have the same duties as a "Director" at another.

In other words, there is very little meaning behind it.

You are also just repeating yourself since someone can scroll down your profile a bit and find that information just by looking at your work experience.

  • Your LinkedIn headline should be unique and catchy.
  • It should also portray your expertise in your field.

For example, “Developing the future as a software engineer at Amazon.” 

Not only does this catch the eye of the person looking at your profile, but it also shows that you are creative and can think outside the box.

(Here are some LinkedIn Headline Ideas That Don't Suck.)

The Result

These 3 useful tips will help you to make a great first impression on companies, recruiters, and hiring managers on LinkedIn.

You will find that you will get responses and better feedback when reaching out about positions on LinkedIn.

The best part, it will only take you about 5-10 minutes to make these small profile changes.

Bonus Section: Next-Level Linkedin Profile Improvements

If you've made these changes and you're wondering, "What else can I do to improve my LinkedIn profile?" keep reading for a few more ideas.

Improve your LinkedIn summary

The summary section is the ideal place to show who you are and what achievements you have had.

Add relevant work experience you have, tailored towards your target audience.

You can also add your contact info for recruiters to get in touch with you.

Make sure you have a "current" job

The truth is, you might not have a job at the present time.

But recruiters often use LinkedIn's filters to look for the ideal candidates. If they filter out anything but "current employees" of an industry, you might get overlooked unless you have that industry stated in your job position.

You can write the name of your desired position in your job title.

Then, in the space where you would put the company title, write "In Transition" or "Seeking Opportunities" to indicate that you are looking for a job. 

Add the right skills

Many job seekers try to add multiple skills to their LinkedIn profile.

Your task is to only add skills that are most relevant to the job you are seeking.

Be strategic while adding your soft and hard skills.

It's best if the skills you highlight are those that receive endorsements from your LinkedIn connections.

Closing Thoughts

By following the above examples, step by step, you can create a much more impressive LinkedIn profile! Those who view your LinkedIn information will be more likely to connect further with you.

This includes potential employers and hiring managers.

For more information on making a great LinkedIn profile, take a look at LinkedIn Features to Boost Your Job Search.

And if need some extra help with your job search, we would love to help!

We offer a legendary career coaching service that includes crafting a professional resume and cover letter and updating your LinkedIn profile.

We do the heavy lifting during every step of your job search.

Our goal is to enhance your opportunities and help you land your dream job.

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