3 Simple Ways to Earn a Promotion

3 Simple Ways to Earn a Promotion

Here is your problem. You are working in a job. You are achieving goals and succeeding.

So, why is everyone getting promoted and you are not? Is this unfair or is something else happening?

This post offers 3 simple ways to earn a promotion, so you do not feel left behind in your company or career.     

1. Make Reporting Success to a Boss a Habit

You know you are succeeding. Do not be shy about it. Do not wait for people to wake up and realize it was you creating positive results in the office.

Have a calendar appointment set up for yourself to remind you when it is time to tell the boss how well you did.

Let the boss know the numbers behind what you accomplished, future initiatives, and goals you have for next month.

Do this enough times and your boss discovers why you are valuable. When it comes time to discuss promotions, you have all the evidence you need to prove it is a good idea.

2. Start Forming Relationships With People Outside of Your Office

Connect with people in your company. Make sure they have no direct connection to your office.

Get to know the people who work in your building and what they do in the company. Take part in events outside of work that you put in contact with others on a social level.

You do this to increase your profile in the company. The more well-known and well-liked you become, the more you stay on people’s minds.

If a boss is deciding to hire internally and you are on that boss’ mind, there is a great chance they will ask to meet with you for an interview.

Note: The importance of not being directly connected with another office has to do with managing possible conflict. If your boss thinks another boss is trying to steal you away or thinks you are fishing elsewhere for work, your current boss could very well retaliate against you in some passive-aggressive way.

3. Go Get Offers From Other Companies

It is promotion time. They are thinking of passing you over again. You are frustrated.

Thankfully, you went out and got yourself offers from another company!

You now have leverage. You have to make an uncomfortable choice by telling the company, “Promote me or I go elsewhere.”The worst thing that can happen is they say, “Fine. Goodbye”. But that just proves they had no interest in keeping you. A promotion would be a bad thing for you anyway.

The best case scenario is they say, “Please do not. We will make arrangements”, and act like a company that wants to keep you around longer. You are important to them. Most importantly, you are letting them know your career is important to you.

Granted, these are not fun discussions to have, but getting offers elsewhere is certainly easier if you already have a job. It is not recommended you try this without an offer in place. You are gambling on losing your job.

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