10 Most Viewed Writers in Interview Questions on Quora in 2018

10 Most Viewed Writers in Interview Questions on Quora in 2018

When it comes to Quora, ‘interview questions’ is one of the most discussed topics with over 132,000 followers.

Below, we will take a look at the 10 most viewed writers in Interview Questions on Quora in 2018.

#1 Barun Mohanty

Barun Mohanty ranks #1 with 36,384 views between his 8 answers on interview questions. Overall, Barun has received 8.2m answer views and roughly 417k views per month

His most popular answer with 56.9k upvotes is “What is the best interview question ever?

While Barun ranks very high in interview questions, his real expertise actually is in Finance. He is an expert in the Stock Market and has a primary focus of helping others get started in the stock market.

You can learn more by checking out Barut’s Quora Profile.

#2: Sandeep Patra

Sandeep Patra comes in at #2 with 7 firm answers to interview questions that have drawn in 28,543 views. Overall, Sandeep has received 1.8m answer views and roughly 51k views per month

His best performing answer received 25.9k upvotes in response to, “What are some interesting questions asked in an interview?

Although, he is ranked 2nd on this list Sandeep holds the crown as the “Most viewed author for interviews.” With his business expertise, Sandeep thrives in his knowledge of not only job interviews but an array of topics with 1.8m answer views across the board.

To learn a little more take a look at Sandeep’s Quora Profile.

#3: Mike Podesto

Mike Podesto holds up #3 having 19,202 views spanning 12 answers to interview questions. Overall, Mike is brand new to Quora and has received 250k+ answer views in total and roughly 250k views per month.

Mike’s most popular answer received 18 upvotes with “What is the best answer to the interview question, ‘why do you want to work here?

It comes as no surprise that Mike ranks high on the list for interview questions. As the Founder of Find My Profession, a professionally managed job search firm, Mike is passionate about helping others in their pursuit of the perfect position.

Want to learn more? Check out Mike’s Quora Profile.

#4: Sheetal Rai

Sheetal Rai takes #4 with her 92 interview question answers bringing in 18,011 views. Overall, Sheetal has received 533k answer views and roughly 77.3k views per month.

Her top answer with 88 upvotes answering the question, “What are some interesting questions asked in an interview?

Sheetal regularly takes to her Quora account to offer insight and perspective the various things that jobseekers run into/ Her knowledge of the career and job search gives her a strong platform to offer expert advice.

To learn more visit Sheetal’s Quora Profile.

#5: Daniel Jason

Daniel Jason ranks #5 on the list with his 17,580 views to 22 interview question answers. Overall, Daniel has received 1.3m answer views and roughly 28.8k views per month.

Daniel hauled in 15k upvotes with his answer to, “If in an interview, HR asks ‘I give you Rs 100, what will you buy?’ What will be your answer?

While becoming a top writer under the Interview section of Quora, Daniel is also a Mechanical Engineer. According to his profile, Daniel has not been rejected for a single interview in 7 years.

Visit Daniel’s Quora Profile to learn more.

#6: Jonathan Jones

Holding down #6 is Jonathan Jones with a total of 11,291 views to his 15 interview questions answers. Overall, Jonathan has received 3.7m answer views and roughly 242.5k views per month.

Jonathan’s most popular response with 23 upvotes was to the question, “What are some good interview questions to ask at the end of an interview to leave a good impression?

Well respected in the 6th slot, Jonathan, has a great eye for talent as the Head of Investment Talent Development in his current position. Jonathan takes a point of view from the other side of the coin to let jobseekers and others alike know just what hiring managers are looking for.

For more information check out Jonathan’s Quora Profile.

#7 Eric Lyons

The race for the 6th and 7th spots was pretty tight with Eric Lyons coming in with 11,229 views over 14 answers to interview questions. Overall, Eric has received 801.6k answer views and roughly 148.5k views per month.

Drawing in the most upvotes for Eric at 13 is his answer to, “What will you say if an interviewer says ‘You have 10 minutes to impress me?

Of course, Eric makes a strong claim on the most viewed list. As a Marketing Executive for a site dedicated to connecting jobseekers with employers, Eric is a dependable candidate for your answers to tough interview questions.

Learn more on Eric’s Quora Profile.

#8 Ishita Pareshi

Continuing on our list at #8 is Ishita Pareshi with 9,351 views over 10 interview question answers. Overall Ishita has received 97.5k answer views and roughly 16.2k views per month.

Her most popular answer with 62 upvotes is “What is the most disrespectful question you have ever hear in a job interview?

Ishita is a former entrepreneur who is able to draw from her experiences to deliver great answers to the many questions posted on Quora. Thriving as a writer and speaker, Ishita articulates her answers in a relatable way for the reader.

To learn more visit Ishita’s Quora Profile.

#9 Sri Priya

Sri Priya ranks in at #9 with her 135 answers bringing in 8,922 views. Overall, Sri has received 272.4k answer views and roughly 27.3k views per month.

Her most popular answering, “What are the most common AFSB interview questions?” received 7 upvotes.

Sri is another expert in the interview topic on Quora. The majority of her answers respond directly to that of technical to even mock interview questions. Sri has also studied for her MBA further developing her skills as a young professional.

Visit Sri’s Quora Profile to learn more.

#10 Jyoti Pawar

The #10 spot goes to Jyoti Pawar having 8,153 views over 12 answers to interview questions. Overall, Jyoti has received 18.9k answer views and roughly 15.1k views per month.

Jyoti’s most popular answer has 30 upvotes responding to, “What is the toughest question ever asked in any interview?

Jyoti is not shy of the hiring process being a  highly skilled Career Counseling Expert helping professionals navigate the process of obtaining their best-fit position.

Want to learn more? Visit Jyoti’s Quora Profile.

All in all, if you are seeking advice or have questions that have been continuously popping up throughout the interview process this list of the top 10 most viewed interview question writers will put you on the right track.

Rest assured that you are in the hands of experts dedicated to providing you with the best answers to the most puzzling questions.

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